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No country old man Although generally considered a modern classic, the ending proved to be disruptive due to its final scene. No country old man Is a very faithful adaptation of the writer Cormac McCarthy’s novel, being chased by the seemingly airy hitman Anton Chigurh after a man named Ryuwellin Moss stole a bag of drug money. Notice that. The story also includes the exhausted sheriff Bell, who wants to save Moss and stop the traces of destruction that Cigar left behind in the bloodthirsty wake.

No country old man Closest Coen brothers I started making pure action movies. The movie contains a number of finely crafted set pieces. The film has a classic Western look and feel, but the morality of the story turns out to be much more complex. There are no clear heroes and villains in the story, as illustrated by the heroic moments offset by Moss’ first theft. There is no country for old people The seemingly anti-climatic ending also upset the audience at the time of release, and many expected a more traditional confrontation between heroes and villains.

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NS No country old man The ambiguity of the finale is still hotly debated more than a decade later, prompting a significant revision of the film.What to look for No country old man What it really means and why it proved to be so disruptive is the key to understanding the subtle coder nuances of the film.This is the end No country old man explained.

How No country old man end

After spending a lot of No country old man The character was shockingly killed off-screen by an assassin after Moss (Josh Brolin) tried to stay one step ahead of Cigar (Javier Bardem). Cigar later regains the money Moss stole and, faithfully to his previous threat, kills Moss’ wife Carla Jean. Throughout the film, cigars occasionally leave the fate of potential victims to the coin toss and believe that faith determines their survival. Carla Jean refused to bet on Cigar’s offer, regaining responsibility for the decision and saving her life in the process.

Bardem’s iconic Hitman was involved in a car accident shortly after leaving Carlajan’s house, but despite being injured, he woke up from the genocide he created. The movie is then cut into Sheriff Bells (Tommy Lee Jones), In self-induced asylum after failing to save Moss or regain drug money. In this scene, Bell talks about two dreams he had the night before. The first involves meeting his father, who has entrusted him with some money, but Bell agonizes over that he has lost it. The second dream features a father and son riding horses together on a snow-covered pass, and Bell’s father riding in front of them to light a fire in the darkness in front of them. It is said.Bell then reveals that he woke up from his dream at the same point each time. No country old man Cut to black.

What the Sheriff Bell’s dream symbolizes

Moss dead old man has no country

Bell’s allegorical dreams are really encapsulated The meaning behind Ethan Coen‘NS No country old man.. The retired sheriff does not seem to think much about his first dream, which symbolizes his prolonged guilt for Moss’ death. Like a dream, he was tasked with the job, but failed despite his promise with Carla Jean. Bell means feeling this failure at the subconscious level, but it’s a dream because he can’t put that feeling into words.

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The second of Bell’s dreams is that the audience splits into its true meaning. As Bell said before he remembered his second dream, he was 20 years older than his father, meaning he became an old man enacted by Vision. In a dream, he and his father got over the snow and cold together and returned to a simpler era.From the narration at the beginning, that clear Tommy Lee Jones Character Bell longs for a past where good and evil are clearly defined and the world has a linear meaning to him. The fire carried by his father is a symbol of hope that the flames of those values ​​will be carried into the darkness of an unknown future. That said, Bell’s sudden awakening could mean that those traditions did not exist, but that they did not actually exist because his awakening occurred at a literal spiritual level. There is also sex.

why No country old manThe ending was divisive

There is no country for old man posters

No country old man At the surface level it may look like a typical western, but in a more traditional story, Moss eventually Killed Javier BardemCigar reunited with his wife and escaped. Instead, he dies on the floor of a dubious motel room, causing the final execution of Carla Jean. The moment itself is shocking, but Bell, who has been on the sidelines of much of the story, is expected to step up, chase money, and bring Cigar to trial.

Instead, Cigar escapes and Bell approaches the assassin only when he enters the motel’s room and imagines the murderer hiding in the shadows. The country never ends for the old man, therefore, The superficial hero and his wife die, and the villain ends up running away with money.If it wasn’t bitter yet Important cohesive pills for swallowing for the audienceIn the final scene, Bell vaguely talks about two dreams and cuts them into black without actually explaining what they mean. This overturns almost every movie thriller tournament you can imagine. As a result, some critics and spectators continue to get angry. There is no country for old people It ends on this day.

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Why the county for the old man’s ending isn’t perfect

No country old man

No country old man I think of the general misconception that this movie is really a Moss story, and a deliberate misunderstanding.However, multiple views reveal that Bell is the true protagonist of No country old man, And the story involves his struggle as an “old man” to understand the world in which he lives.With morality The problem of violence He is faced with making little sense to him, and his final retirement corresponds to the character who chose to live the time remaining in peace with him. Hitman may not be supernatural, but cigar characters have been shown many times to represent the inevitability of death and fate.

Even Moss, a former Vietnam veteran who is well-equipped to fight, has proven unable to overtake his own destiny, which was determined the moment he received the money. It would have been more satisfying to see the cigar caught and killed, but if Bell had found him, the sheriff would almost certainly have died. Far from being anti-climatic No country old man Is a poetic summary of the movie’s core theme, which may not have looked like that in the first release, but was actually the only satisfying way to end the story.

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