Description of the Rocket League ranking system

Since the Rocket League became free to play last year, many changes have been made and there are many new players. Along with this, the ever-evolving competitive ranking system will be updated.


Over the years, the fiercely competitive scene has been repeated many times for Rocket League ranks. The current system has eight different ranks, each with several layers. The ranks are as follows: —

Bronze I, II, III

Silver I, II, III

Gold I, II, III

Platinum I, II, III

Diamonds I, II, III

Champions I, II, III

Grand Champion I, II, III

Supersonic Legend

In addition, each tier in every rank has several divisions from Division 1 to Division 4. When you win or lose a game, you move between divisions quite often. You may find that you drop the division much faster than you climb them.


Rocket League ranks are also categorized by playlist, solo, duo, and three. To get your first competitive rank, you need to play 10 matches in one playlist called placement matches. Once that is done, you will be given a rank based on the performance of your placement game. Players maintain a separate rank for each playlist. You need to go through this process to get a rank in each playlist.

Placement matches match as much as possible with players with similar MMRs (Matchmaking Ratings). Your Rocker League MMR Rank is essentially a hidden score that calculates how good you are and tries to match you with similarly ranked opponents. MMR is not displayed by default in the game, so you can search online. Of course, if you play in a duo or three, your match rankings are also based on MMR, so you may face different ranks. When using platinum, it is not uncommon to play against players who are using gold or diamonds.

Get rewarded

For each Rocket League rank you have achieved, you will have the opportunity to earn rewards at the end of the season based on that rank. To qualify for the reward, you must win the number of matches set for each rank. For example, for a bronze season reward, you need to win 10 in bronze. For silver season rewards, you will need to win another 10 silver seasons once you reach the bronze level. As soon as you get enough wins at a particular rank, the reward remains “unlocked” and you don’t have to keep winning or playing to stay at that level for the reward. .. However, rewards will only be earned after the end of the season.

Rocket League is a very accessible game, especially as it is now free to play. But for those looking for a real challenge, it has a very high skill cap. This means you can always learn new tricks while trying to climb the competitive ladder.

Rocket League’s Ranking System Explained

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