Desecrating Free Content Updates Set Sequel

Third and last big free content update Blasphemous It was released this morning and introduced new levels and bosses. This update, named “Wounds Of Eventide” (I love some scratches in my Catholicism), brings the story to the point where the next sequel will be featured. Come see the trailer here to meet some new monsters, including giant snakes. There is no subtlety here.

“With the final chapter of The Penitent One’s first story, Wounds of Eventide offers new levels, bosses, items, and secrets to unearth, another fate of Cvstodia leading to the Blasphemous sequel event announced earlier this year. Unleash the launch of 2023, “explains the propaganda.

It may be time to replay, as you can’t find all the newness in the save data later in the game.

NS Patch notes It also details some bug fixes.

This is Blasphemous’s third major free content update. first time In August 2020 we added a new game + mode with a new quest line and a new boss, Second Added a crossover between Boss Rush Mode and Blood Stain in February 2021. That’s all. At this point.

Someone grew up with a good Irish Catholic kick, so I love how it feels Catholic. Many horror games enjoy Catholic folklore, mythology, and iconographic criticism, but they do not capture complete strangeness, mind, or heavy mind. Yeah, it makes perfect sense when I learned that this game was made by a Spanish studio.

Declared blasphemy as one of the best Games like Dark Souls, “The theme is so difficult that you have to admire the bloody clothes. Just as the terribly disappeared Roman Catholics and ardent metal fans went back in time and made a soulful game in the days of Pixel Castlevania. I feel … “

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