Desert Bus for Hope raises $ 986k for charity in 164 hours of play

Desert Bus for Hope, an annual variety show fundraiser, closed its operations in 2020 with record funding raised for Child’s Play. At this year’s event, the Desert Bus crew raised $ 986,793 for charity, tipping the life of the event over $ 7 million.

The annual variety show fundraising campaign revolves around one particular mini-game from the unreleased 1995 Sega CD game. Penn & Teller Smoke and Mirror Players actually drive an eight-hour bus between Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Desert Bus for Hope builds an annual charity event based on that framework, driving desert buses to and from their destinations while offering guests, giveaways and all other surprises. The event will continue as long as donations are received. This year, the Desert Bus team did things for a total of 164 hours, two hours more than the previous year.

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