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For Denver Broncos, the Deshaun Watson name has been used quite often during this offseason.

Most of them come from fan and media personalities, but since the Star Quarterback was unveiled in plans to be traded by the Houston Texans, league teams in need of quarterbacks have been mentioned as potential landing points. I will.

Broncos was at the top of the list for many, but the idea seems calm.

Other teams such as the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, and more recently the Chicago Bears are likely to be landing points. In the case of Bears Recent reports Shows that the team is ready to do everything for Watson.

Of course, anything is still possible, and Broncos may take action on behalf of the Texans passers-by. It is possible that Houston will stand on Pat and refuse to do business with Watson.

Most likely, there are teams ready to pony up some draft topics and one or two of their best players for the chance to land 25-year-old Watson. But as I have Discussed before, General Manager George Peyton, should consider the price too high for his blood.

Within Broncos Country, there will be fans who completely oppose the concept and want to see Broncos give up whatever it takes to replace Drew Lock with Watson. But at least when it comes to the word to do a round, Broncos doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Watson as it once did.

What do you think will happen?

Is there still a deal with Watson between Denver and Houston? If so, what compensation should Broncos send in return?

Or are the potential deals between these teams considered later at this point? Is Broncos going to rock forward in the quarterback?

only time will tell.

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Deshaun Watson’s story seems to be nearing its end Deshaun Watson’s story seems to be nearing its end

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