Despite the bug, the free cyberpunk 2077DLC still seems to have started in early 2021

It was known even before the launch that Cyberpunk 2077 would get a free DLC in early 2021. rear Cyberpunk 2077 announces that it is quite buggy on the PC and absolutely confusing on the console. With the developer CD Projekt Red quietly updating the official website and confirming its release in early 2021, the free additional content seems to be on track for the coming months.

“Free DLC began to hit Night City in early 2021,” CDPR said on a recently updated official website. “Please wait for more details!” So far, this seems to give you all the details.Console version expiration date Two major patches It’s not clear if PC updates will be on the same schedule, but one in January and one in February in the coming months. (So ​​far, the initial fixes for all platforms were about equal to each other.)

CDPR initially discussed the early 2021 release of free DLC in a secret message hidden in the game’s launch trailer. “Like The Witcher 3, expect an assortment of free DLC packs to start hitting Night City and drop lots of cool stuff that will bring even more life to the dark future world.”

The work also has significant extensions to paid DLC, but I don’t think you’ll hear much about them until a significant number of patches are released.

Of course, you can enjoy better open world games and RPG games while waiting for more patches and additional content.

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