Destiny 2 adds Hello Weapon Battle Rifles, Energy Swords, and Magnums

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has added a set of weapons inspired by Halo to the game as part of the studio’s 30th anniversary.

Destiny 2 Recently added weapons are inspired by battle rifles, energy swords, magnums, and focus rifles. Hello series. NS Destiny 2 A crossover with Halo is speculated For a while.Recently, a preview image of Destiny 2’s Bungee 30th Anniversary DLC Pack Shows What It Looks Like Hello-Inspired weapons and armor.

Bungy also revealed some of the previously included content Destiny 2 DLC, Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Revival, new dungeons, items inspired by previous bungee titles (such as inspiring armor sets) marathon Claymore from mythology Above all, the series.The studio also made fun of what it looked like Hello-Inspired ornament set including elements such as needle needles and halo ring warlock bonds.In addition, we have released a bungee Destiny 2’s The biggest balance patch ever With 30th anniversary content.

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Bungee Released a new trailer for the studio’s 30th anniversary event and the release of the DLC pack Destiny 2.. The company also Event page The official website details the content that players, including four, can expect from the event. Hello-Player-inspired weapons available. There is a forerunner, an exotic sidearm that is clearly based on the Magnum. The battle rifle is reproduced with the BxR-55 Butler Legendary Pulse Rifle. Half-Truths Legendary Sword is the iconic Halo Energy Sword. Finally, the Retraced Path is a legendary trace rifle inspired by the Focus Rifle. Halo: Reach..

NS HelloBase weapons are part of the 30th anniversary “Eternal dare” Activity by 6 players. This is the only part of the event that is free for all players. Event rewards also include Forerunner Sidearm Catalyst, Wastelanda M5 Legendary Shotgun, and Dust Legendary Grenade Launcher Pardon.In particular, the four weapons are similar, Iconic Hello weapons They are based on the original and have no direct connection or reference to the original. This probably means that Bungie couldn’t get those official rights from Microsoft.

Nevertheless, the set of Hello-Inspired weapons still look incredibly good and are an integral part of Guardian weapons. In particular, the retraced path is the first non-exotic trace rifle. Destiny 2, Further enhance its desirability. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, all weapons in the Dares of Eternity activity are available to all players, not just those who purchased the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.

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Destiny 2 It can be used on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia, and PC.

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Destiny 2 adds Hello Weapon Battle Rifles, Energy Swords, and Magnums

https://screenrant.com/destiny-2-halo-weapons-battle-rifle-sword-magnum/ Destiny 2 adds Hello Weapon Battle Rifles, Energy Swords, and Magnums

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