Destiny 2: Beyond Light-List of Known Issues and Important Details

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion is just around the corner, so it’s a huge day for Destiny.However, the expansion is not without problems, and developer Bungie is currently Provide summary Here are some key issues and other important information that players can expect and need to know when launching the game after an update.

Important things to know

Bungy reminded players that the Season Pass you may own will apply to the first character set you sign in to Destiny 2 after a new update. This means that if you later want to use cross-save for other characters, you will need to create a cross-save account before you can log in. See the cross-save page for how to do this.

Players participating in the Wrathborn Hunt activity will need to damage the last boss if they want to earn credits for participating in the activity. In addition, players must have a Beyond Light game client to get the new Stasis subclass.

Other important information to know is about exotic archives and stasis fragment quests. “If there is an exotic cipher in the player’s inventory, the exotic archive will continue to flash. Players dismantling the Stasis Fragment Quest will have to wait a week before picking up a new one,” said Bungie.

Top problem

With the launch of Beyond Light, Bungie warns of potential issues for players. First, if the player is using the Stasis subclass, the One-Inch Punch finisher does not currently kill enemies. In addition, kill-based weapon benefits are not consistently working against Stasis freeze-crush kills.

For the Crucible Stasis Fragment Quest “Timeless Victory”, players may not consistently accumulate progress. Another problem is that the Wrathborn Hunt icon is not always displayed on the map.

In addition, the patrol activity “To the Nth Power” cannot currently be completed with Stasis Superkill as Warlock. And finally, the Exo Challenge activity is currently experiencing the problem of not giving appropriate prizes to players below the soft power limit.

The Destiny 2 server is currently offline in preparation for Beyond Light. The server will remain offline until around 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on November 10. While you’re waiting, you can preload Beyond Light and get started as soon as it’s up and running.

Destiny 2 in Beyond Light has a lot to offer, including your destinations Titan, Io, Mercury, Mars, Leviathan, and all the related content and raids. They are making room for new destinations in Europe, and Bungy suggested that content might come back to the game in the future-but how and in what way we I don’t know yet.

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