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The third extension of Destiny 2 is here, which brings unknown secrets and adventures. (Bungee)

With the biggest release of bungee since independence, the European secret is Destiny 2: Beyond Light a must-have?

Destiny has been much since the franchise’s debut in 2014. In retrospect, the whole series knew exactly what it was, so I felt like I was always trying to reform myself. In many ways, Destiny feels very experimental. This is especially true for games as big as that. It’s part of what makes it so interesting, but it also makes it somewhat inconsistent.

This is not the case for momentary gunplay, which is always one of the best in the genre. However, the bungee has laid railroad tracks in front of the train while it was in motion. Sometimes it was a bumpy vehicle as the developers drew sharp curves and chased new ideas and structures.

And now, at the height of the game’s popularity, the third expansion of Destiny 2 has arrived. Was Beyond Light a welcome entry in the series and worth the wait?

The simple answer is yes. This is one of the best and most important extensions the series has ever seen. However, the long answer is a little more subtle.

Expansion begins where the last season of content is interrupted. It seems that darkness has finally appeared and has been fascinated by humankind. Upon receiving a call from an old fan’s favorite Variks, you are called to Europa to help with the new corrupt threat. From there, the formidable Kell, Elamis, began to unify the corrupt homes and presented himself as an important foil. In addition, darkness seems to have blessed her army with new power. It is potentially catastrophic for the planet and the last city protected by its parents.

Enter Exo Stranger, who has been missing since the end of the first game campaign (who said she didn’t have time to tell you why she didn’t have time to explain the plot to you). She will reappear from another timeline to help the Guardian address this new threat. From there, players are encouraged to fight fire with fire and accept the blessings of darkness.

This gives you access to a new ice-based subclass called Stasis. It’s a pretty fun chatter, and Elamis has proven to be one of the most interesting and great evils in Destiny’s history. But accepting darkness and what it means to the Guardian of Light as a child is at the heart of the conflict. This is an interesting dichotomy and seems to be the central paper on the future direction of the plot.

Europa has proven to be one of the most beautiful places in Destiny’s history. (Bungee)

The refocused storyline highlights the key changes in Destiny and what promises a bright future for the game’s story. Storytelling in Destiny has always been … inconsistent. It features some of the best folklore in the game and crafts in the world, but attempts to integrate it into gameplay have always left something desired.

Without a broader understanding of the supporting text, you may feel that major events are separated from the act of playing the game. Ever since the franchise began, there has always been a sense of battle that has never arrived. Darkness, Hive, Cabal … Almost everything in the game hinted at a major event in the near future, but the in-game story constantly turned wheels and often failed to fulfill promised promises.

In terms of what’s going on, Beyond Light feels like a long-term step forward. Darkness is physically present. Players can use it, and the game has a new vision, as Bungie details two enhancements: The story has the immediacy that was missing, perhaps for the first time. The battle is here. The promise is over. We are at war between light and darkness.

For those with little investment in the franchise, Beyond Light still has a lot of offers. For new players, Bungie has redesigned the game’s entry experience. It’s practical, but beginners may have a hard time understanding the complex structure of the game. But there’s a lot of story content out there, and it’s not just the main campaign. Similar to the fun AAA shooter campaign, Beyond Light offers a 10-15 hour experience.

Perhaps the highlight of the extension is the inclusion of new element subclasses, something that has never been seen before. Stasis is a unique addition to the Guardian’s arsenal and has certainly proven to be the most complex. Many of the classes focus on crowd control and burst damage. From grenades that build walls to move targets to the ability to freeze and crush enemies, you can shape your battle with Stasis. With extensions and fragmented buffs that players can customize within the class, that option is far deeper than anything else in the game.

Europa is full of secrets (Photo: Bungee)

Another marquee addition to the expansion is Jupiter’s moon Europa. This new space is arguably Destiny’s most impressive and complex design. It’s a beautiful place full of details and secrets. There are only three main areas, but there are many side locations that extend far beyond what the map shows. From Bex buildings to the Sci-Fi chic of the Bray Science Institute to the corrupt cities, you can bring new aesthetics to every corner.

Europa is very impressive and the trip back to EDZ on Earth can feel a bit mediocre. Between the level of detail in both Europa and the new Stasis subclass, Destiny feels like one foot now and one foot in the past. Having it is a good problem, but it’s a feeling that always exists.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Destiny 1 Cosmodrome is back … or at least a significant portion of it is back (the rest of the space is expected to be built throughout the year). With the addition of Lost Sectors and new paint to bring it back to standard, it looks better than the design six years ago suggests. However, until more, it feels almost like a nostalgic antique, rather than the high-impact zone that the game is maximizing.

When it comes to endgames, the new expansion raid, Deep Stone Crypto, is also a winner. Unlike what you’ve seen in Destiny 2 raids so far, there’s a story progression without giving too much. It’s a spectacle-filled vehicle that takes players on a clear journey. It also has a very welcome new reward structure. Players can now better define their rewards by choosing to use the new raid-specific currency to buy what they need at the end of the run. When it comes to Destiny raids, this feels like one of the great things.

Well, if you are a repeater, there is something we have to talk about. Not to mention the huge amount of content that Destiny 2 received just before the release of Beyond Light. For players who haven’t logged in for a while, you’ll be shocked. Mercury, Titan, Io, and Mars have all been removed and are no longer reachable. Perhaps more alarming, if you haven’t played much in the past year, you may find that your previous weapons are completely exhausted. Players can continue to use their old guns, but they will no longer be able to inject them to higher levels, making them virtually obsolete (supplement: all exotics are safe).

The new Stasis subclass has proven to be the most complex ever (Photo: Bungie)

Destiny has recently “sunset” a lot of content and will continue to do so. Straight, these are taken from the player. This is a system shock to the base and certainly asks questions about the expiration dates of content that people have previously paid for. But now it’s implemented and at least an understandable evil. One is that the game runs much faster. Overall performance feels like a significant improvement, especially in areas such as load times. Although content has been removed over the years and many have been discontinued, purging has made the overall experience more agile.

Weapon balance also feels more free and open. Players are exploring and experimenting with new weapons as old reliable options are available in the meadows. With Destiny 2 Weapon Meta, things feel fresh. This hasn’t been the case for a long time if we are honest. Of course, these positives may not be a fair trade-off for everyone. Much time was spent growing these weapons, as well as locations and raids from player-based stings. But at least I feel the decision makes sense. Sunsetting proposes a future in which Destiny can replace itself over time and remove the constraints that prevent it.

As such, Beyond Light feels like a confident first step towards Destiny’s new beginnings and new trilogy. Destiny finally feels like the game it was intended for, as much as this emotion was rampant and disappointing in the past. Years of stumbling and experimentation finally make them feel rewarded. This is not a reinvention. This is Bungie, an extension of the structure the game has had over the past year or two. It’s still fate, for tired or burned-out players they may not want to hear. It finds that formula and sticks to it.

This is this franchise, this is its direction, and I know the story I want to tell. It’s a definition that I’ve felt lacking in this franchise since its inception. If you’re looking for a new direction, Beyond Light will be disappointing. Instead, this is another step along the way the game has been going on for the past few years. For those looking for a good reason to play Destiny more, Beyond Light turns out to be Bungie’s most compelling argument since it was abandoned.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review Summary

in short: It’s one of the best extensions of Destiny 2 to date, providing a solid roadmap for the series to migrate. But that is more fate.

Pros: Excellent execution across the new planets of Europe and fun new subclasses, raids and stories. The story is beginning to fulfill its long-standing promise.

Cons: Disadvantages: It’s more fate. This isn’t a reinvention that some might have wanted, it’s still a grind. The sunset of weapons and content is very controversial.

Score: 8/10

Formats: PlayStation 4 and PC (reviewed), Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia
Price: £ 34.99
Publisher: Bungie
Developer: Bungie
Release date: November 10, 2020
(Next generation 8/12)
Age rating: 16

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light review – lighting the way

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