Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review-Time Loop

My six players, the Destiny 2 Fire Team, fired when DeepStone Crypt Raid Boss, the most powerful enemy of the Beyond Light extension, teleported around the arena and was furious. Desperately trying to stop the defeat, he threw everything he left behind on the flying monsters. Bullets and grenades filled the air, threatening to crush us as a mass of orbital debris hits the landscape and we scramble for coverage. It wasn’t now or never-if we can’t kill this right away, it kills us, and we’ll be back at the beginning of a long battle. And we would have been in the assault for more than 12 hours already in the last two days.

But then: an explosion. The boss was twisted in pain and cheers from our crew. Finally, after hours of struggling to unravel the mechanics, dying to its powerful enemies, and suffering from death, we defeated the greatest challenge of the new expansion. It’s such a moment that I’m back in Destiny 2. Nothing is better than powering up Destiny’s raids, letting your teammates handle complex roles and collaborating with some of the game’s most creative designs.

Beyond Light offers more of what Destiny 2 is good at. Try first-person shooters, great raids, fascinating exploration locations, and plenty of punchy guns. It also maintains some of the game’s protracted issues, such as reliance on repetitive content and time-consuming grinds to increase any number. Simply put, Beyond Light is primarily Destiny. If you like it, you can enjoy it. If you’re dissatisfied, you probably don’t.

But over the last two years, Bungie has made major and gradual changes to Destiny 2, improving the game, deepening the world, and expanding the experience. Beyond Light is probably the most famous and fleshy story developer Bungie hasn’t appeared in the game yet. Whether it’s a hero or a villain, we focus on characters who have emotions and motives. This allows you to go beyond a bunch of radio voices to shoot another alien that threatens the world. In addition, new features added to the game, such as a number of freeze features called Stasis, change gameplay and combat strategies in a fun and unexpected way.

The new expansion will move to Europa, one of Jupiter’s frozen moons, revealing secrets about the latest threats to invade our solar system. This is the power of a divine alien, colloquially known as darkness, carried by a pyramid-shaped ship and collected in angular, metamorphic black relics. In the last few seasons of Destiny 2, we’ve been confused about what darkness has prepared for us-it has invaded all celestial bodies like Mars and Mercury (and recently disappeared). ) But it wasn’t Was attacked.. Instead, darkness offers a fascinating power.I don’t want to kill the superhero Guardian that the player embodies-I want to Own Those.

Much of Beyond Light’s story is about characters who come up with ways to harness the power that darkness provides to fight darkness. The immediate problem is that Elamis, a member of the alien race known as Fallen, has acquired the dark power of Stasis and is forming an army to wield it. Taking her out is a concern in the first few hours of the story campaign, but it’s mainly a way to get stasis in your hands so you can make a fuss with it.


Stasis is a true star of Beyond Light, offering new brand capabilities that require a major rethinking of combat strategy. The power of Stasis debuffs enemies, slowing them down, freezing them hard, and creating walls behind giant ice crystals. While most Destiny 2 abilities and supers are dedicated to directly damaging enemies or providing healing to teammates, Stasis controls the battlefield, changes landscapes, and changes odds. Add functionality.

Since the Forsaken extension in September 2018, we haven’t seen any new subclasses, so these features are a great review of the Guardian features. They feel significantly different from everything else already available, find ways to best use them against enemies, and create to prevent them from being frozen and shattered. Encourage you to develop a unique solution. As Stasis becomes a more regular part of Destiny 2, it’s easy to imagine how to combine it with existing abilities and weapons to pave the way for a whole new set of tactics. Stasis also comes with a set of customizations that can be earned during play, increasing the effectiveness of some elements of the new features while tightening tolls such as lowering character stats. Destiny 2 has come a long way in encouraging people to think about ways to identify their characters. Stasis deepens the system with additional satisfying options that allow you to tailor your playstyle to your specific circumstances and requirements.

However, many Beyond Lights are Destiny as usual. For example, the quest to gain new stasis power mainly consists of the usual “go here and shoot x of this bad guy” grind. You also need to be highly dependent on prizes and achieve minor goals whose main purpose is to earn kills with certain weapons and abilities. This can be a boring slogan, especially when fighting to unleash the cool. New Stasis customization element.

Some of the gameplay is predictable, but Europa is an impressive new product. It’s a great place to explore a variety of environments, including frozen waste, devastated ruins, corrupt cities, and huge science fiction facilities. The destination adds dynamic weather for the first time, and while it’s not a dramatic change, the snowstorm that blows in the midst of a fire battle to kill sight gives you a dangerous and changing feel to Europe. Forces you to change the way you play just enough.

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Bungee mixes its trademark gorgeous landscape with lots of small gaps to unravel the mystery, but what sets the new landscape apart is the tip of the iceberg, where many of Europa are much larger. It feels like. In the first two weeks of expansion, part of the iceberg was steadily discovered. The new European strike does more than just find and kill big enemies. It expands the story of both the current Elamis, who uses the alien portal for her own purposes, and the mysterious human businessman, Clovis Bray, who built the portal centuries ago. I will. Stepping deep into the Braytech Exoscience facility doesn’t just provide another place for shootouts. Reveal the situation that created the robot Exos, one of Destiny 2’s player races, and fill their story as tragic lost people.

Bungie also went further with the development of the story revealed during the expansion process. The fight against Elamis is confused with Variks, an old Destiny 1 character that hasn’t existed outside of folklore since the release of Destiny 2, and is the best way to serve and protect scattered corrupt races. Address disagreements between the two characters regarding. Finding and using Stasis unfolds the story of another Destiny 1 character, Exo Stranger, confusing and ultimately shedding light on a series of questions that remain after the unplanned Destiny 1 campaign. This extension tells a consistent story based on the interactions between characters that we’ve spent many years together, reaching folklore in a smart way to build a huge Destiny world. You don’t have to read a lot of folklore to understand what’s happening in Beyond Light, but storytelling makes you want to do so and rewards you with additional nuances to your investment.

I also saw some new content for the ongoing Season of the Hunt. This reinforces the drip feed nature of the Season Pass model with some serious story relevance. The season is centered around Uldren Sov, one of the main adversaries of the Forsaken expansion. He is the man who was cornered for accurate revenge on the murder of Cayde-6, one of Destiny’s greatest personalities. Urdren was resurrected as a Guardian and in the process lost his memory of his past life. He will send you to hunt and defeat various bosses to get certain perks and gear status rolls. These activities are short, but a fascinating shift that doesn’t bring about the same frustrations (such as relying on other random players) as the short ones of the past-live seasonal activities.

This season, like the rest of the season, consists primarily of playing the same few activities to chase different guns and armor, but in a boiling conflict of working closely with the guy the character performed. With this, the hunt season feels like the possibilities are growing fast. The recent season felt a bit lacking in the feeling that they were really important, outside of a few short flashes, beyond offering a big chunk of busy work, but of Hunt’s The meaning of the character of the season already offers great appeal to its content as endless loot tracking.

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Six years later, the pain in Beyond Light and Destiny 2 as a whole is getting bigger and bigger. Bungie has reduced the number of destinations and activities by “vaulting” the huge amount of content removed from Destiny 2 as it expands. It may be re-released at an unknown time in the future.Europa is a big place, but it’s true that it’s completely there Less It’s not necessarily completely bad for Destiny 2 today than it was a year ago-the game became awkward and players barely accessed it. Just because you could unlock and use hundreds of guns didn’t mean that everything was worth the effort. But for games that are built and hindered by repetition, the less content there is, the less diversity there is, and the faster things can get out of date.

Destiny 2 always feels like it’s being actively incorporated into Bungie’s envisioned game, and in the future we’re moving towards the perfect version. Pretty Get there. Last year, Bungie tried a new approach to building the world, storytelling, and maintaining player engagement with seasonal content, but the seasons were a bit unplanned, unconnected, and a limited time shift. I turned the wheels on and suggested something better. Beyond Light is approaching that vision, but it’s a step forward, not a leap. Destiny 2 still struggles with the same periodic and repetitive core of completing busy work and actually reaches the content I want To play, and in some respects, Beyond Light also feels like gesturing at a future point where Destiny 2 will eventually become the game that is always being tried.

It may be a little smaller and rationalized, but this is also the most alive Destiny 2 has felt at least since the best days of Forsaken expansion, and perhaps so far. It’s the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a story, character, or folklore, and it’s the most we’ve ever seen characters interact in a meaningful way. We’ve already discovered a bunch of deep and fascinating story beats about Destiny’s first-ever surviving characters. The Deep Stone Crypto raid was an exciting, intense and ingenious challenge, and completing it changed Europe in several important ways. Not only does the Guardian feel like it’s influencing the world of Destiny 2 now, but it seems that the world is influencing us because of the constant story that underscores the danger of wielding darkness.

Beyond Light may not be the biggest extension, but it feels like a new chapter in the game’s life with new priorities and an approach that makes the game more resonate in a way that goes beyond satisfying shooting. Overall, Destiny 2 may be the same rather than different, but the same is still pretty good, with its incredible raids and tight and satisfying gameplay, and the main difference is making the game. It’s more and more valuable.

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