Destiny 2: Beyond Light Reviews

Without the split between Bungie and Activision last year, Beyond Light, the latest extension to Destiny 2, feels like it would have been called Destiny 3 instead. As the first article in the trio of expansions announced, Beyond Light takes some bold steps in new directions in the series-from the darker, morally gray tones of the story, the Destiny 2 sandbox. Whether it’s the removal of legacy content, or a previous example, Guardians use it with the corrosive power of darkness. In many ways, this isn’t the same Destiny 2 we’ve been playing for the last three years.

But if Beyond Light deviates from its legacy in some important way, you’ll find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again. The Guardian’s adventure on the snow-covered European moon, with the campaign being too short, the same activity nauseating endgame, and the constantly seemingly disproportionate sandbox, left me behind in the cold. A familiar method that I sometimes felt.

The Beyond Light campaign begins with great success as several planets in the solar system have been extinguished by Destiny’s long-standing evil, The Darkness. You’re located in Europe looking for an answer, but strangely enough, the adventures that follow are almost irrelevant and, frankly, you never actually find the answer you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll be on your toes with a particularly nasty Eliksni named Eramis who has found a way to use the wonderful power of darkness in the form of cosmic ice called Stasis.

This story is one of the most powerful in the series. The main reason is that Elamis is the first Destiny villain I have ever sympathized with (and a little disappointed). Many of Destiny’s best characters have received a lot of invaluable screen times, such as The Drifter, Variks, Eris Morn, and The Exo Stranger, which haven’t been seen since 2014 and are now in the limelight in the main way. I will. She finally has time to explain. However, like most Destiny expansion packs, the campaign ends too early in about 6 hours, leaving a lot of loose threads that may not be immediately addressed. As a result, the battle between Elamis and her stasis-wielding army ultimately feels like a spectacular Odyssey side quest, with two expansions (and in some cases beyond): ..

This story is one of the most powerful in the series, but it still ends too early.


Europe itself is a well-crafted frosty wasteland filled with depraved milk-filled vegetation that wields darkness, enough to grind, but with little surprise. The most unique thing about Europa is the influence of the weather. This regularly creates a snowstorm that blows a whistle into your ears and obstructs your vision. During the campaign, these blizzards are truly cool and immersive events that make you feel like you’re fighting the moon itself, much like the army of Elamis. However, with the end of the campaign, running around the moon on Jupiter, and performing 1000 public events and patrol missions, frequent whiteouts can become obsolete fairly quickly. I’m just trying to collect the spots of darkness. Hey.

Aside from the weather, there isn’t much about Europa that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Do some public events, including many that have already been done on other planets, and find some lost sectors to plunder (even if they are mostly short distractions, still one of my favorites One), run around to complete the patrol, plundering the chest until the thumb bleeds. There are some new types of enemies that slightly confuse the Destiny sandbox, but none are big enough to add new factions like The Taken King and Forsaken. There is also a neat new strike called “The Glassway”. This counters the more nasty robots and their improper time travel villains. Anyway, Europa is a great addition to Destiny’s searchable locale ecosystem, but it’s the same course as everyone else we’ve seen.

How to Get Destiny 2: Beyond Exotic Weapons and Armor of Light

To confront the new threat (and grind) challenges awaiting you in Europe, your guardian must accept the corrupt power of darkness to unlock the entire host of powerful Stasis Ice Power. .. With Stasis, you gain the devastating ability to slow down and freeze your enemies and shatter them. This can lead to one of Destiny’s most completely satisfying experiences to date, a chain reaction that can be wasteful even to difficult enemies. I really fully emphasize how much joy it would bring to enter the battlefield with the magic of the icy universe, turn the entire army into an exhibition of my personal crystal statues, and blow them all up. I can not do it.

As you progress through Beyond Lights’ end-game content, new abilities, aspects, and fragments will be unlocked. All of these allow you to customize your Stasis abilities to suit your playing style or work on specific activities. For example, you can unlock a grenade that seeks out and freezes enemies, or equip a mod that gives you super energy when you crack and open a frozen bad guy. Unlocking the new Stasis modifier is a very compelling incentive to push Beyond Light’s endgame grind forward. It strikes, plays crucible and competitive multiplayer matches, and unfortunately hangs out with Gambit drifters, in a typical Destiny way.

The Beyond Light raid is a phenomenal and rewarding undertaking set in a beautiful environment.


The pinnacle of Beyond Light’s end-game content is the new raid, Deep Stone Crypto. This will allow the Fire Team to become the birthplace of robotic exoraces and prevent Fallen from committing crimes against humanity. Like most Destiny raids before, Beyond Light raids are a phenomenal and rewarding endeavor that throws you into some of the most beautiful environments you’ll find in Destiny. With role-based puzzles that require intricate teamwork and communication, a banger-filled throbbing soundtrack, and some truly memorable surprises, this raid isn’t for those who usually hate raids. .. The Deep Stone Crypto is particularly striking in that the raid tells for the first time a more or less understandable beginning, middle, and ending cohesive story without burying its head in a pile of grimoire entries.

Now that the raid has been conquered, Europa is busy shooting and looting in the near future, taking on new forms, offering some new endgame quests and activities, and more content arriving in trickles throughout the season. To do. A truly devoted guardian among us is willing to endure a win to complete, a title to unlock, an exotic to track, but yet another unpleasant grind. Only those who don’t finish it all, and the journey is certainly a pain. Also, the Destiny 2 world has been cut in half recently as old content has been removed to make room for new content, so activity is more repetitive than ever. Strike playlists have fewer strikes than last year, Gambit has fewer maps to rotate, and Crucibles are generally apologetic.

Enjoying a fairly competitive PvP in Destiny, I’m wondering if Crucible was given the coldest (probably thematic) shoulder in Beyond Light and Bungie remembers it. Is a little hurt in and still exists. No new crucible maps or modes have been added, and planned changes to the endgame PvP mode Trials of Osiris have recently been postponed.

To make matters worse, adding Beyond Light to the Destiny 2 sandbox has a complete negative impact on Crucible. It’s great to be able to freeze enemies in Europe, but it’s more fun if the enemy player does it to you in PvP and locks you in place enough time for the enemy to kill more than 5 times. Is also much more frustrating. Even more devastating is that Stasis completely destroys the PvP balance similarity. This is because the ability of ice can freeze you even when you are in the middle of the supermarket, killing you through the walls and making the Crucible an unpleasant place in general.


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