Destiny 2 Beyond Light Roadmap and ViDoc, Season of the Hunt

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the year, Bungie has just released the next ViDoc Destiny 2 Gathering details you already knew about upcoming content releases, including enhancements, new information to help players go beyond hype Beyond the light.. Alongside the Season of the Hunt roadmap that lasts until February, this ViDoc is about who we meet, what we do, and how we do it. Destiny 2 four years.

However, be careful. Destiny 2 Beyond Light ViDoc contains what can be considered spoilers, revealing fairly large events and story beats that will occur in the coming months. If you want to be completely blind, don’t watch the video and read this article carefully.I try to make a clear mark when talking about spoilers, but it’s pretty much woven into the storyline of Hunt’s season, just as Cade’s death started the event. Abandoned..

Check the whole 15 minutes Destiny 2 Beyond Light ViDoc below:

Destiny 2 Beyond Light ViDoc

Bungee starts by reminding people to: Beyond the light Starts the next trilogy of Destiny Release (as announced earlier this year). It is about starting to explore the essence of light and darkness, and finally learning what “darkness” is, that is, exactly what “darkness” is.Beyond the lightThe title of this extension. We are walking past the veil. We are preparing to use power beyond the power of light. And learning these secrets will dramatically change the many characters we have come to know. Bungie has made it clear that not only are major gameplay changes made, but this is a huge story arc that pays off what was originally seeded. Destiny..

Beyond the Light – Europe

Exo Stranger is back. According to Luke Smith, “She has a lot to say and a lot of time to explain.” She seems to be a destination vendor in Europe.The destination of the new ice moon Beyond the light.. Europa is as frozen as the construction of the Golden Age underground. “Under the ice, all sorts of secrets.” They discuss the fierce snowstorm in Europa, which we discussed earlier this year.Storms change the world’s vision and many factors, making the world feel more lively and dangerous Destiny Still a place.

Elamis is a corrupt man already in Europa, giving her army the power of darkness, especially stasis. The shot shows that she is crushing her servant as she talks about breaking chains. This gives you the dark power of Stasis, the ice of the universe that freezes and crushes enemies. It jumps into subclass changes. This was also spoken a few weeks ago. The sound design team then takes a closer look at how this new element of audio was created.


The infamous Exo Stranger rifle isn’t back in time to explain. I’ve known it for quite some time because it’s part of the pre-order package. But now we’ve seen the details that it creates a time portal and teleports in rounds from other timelines to kill enemies. Lamentation is a chainsaw sword. That’s really all there is to say about it. The new exotic armor is designed to be the center of the build and can be extended from there. They aren’t meant to be a gimmick, but they’re more of a staple in a particular build.

New light

Bungy has revamped the entire new player experience using old Cosmodrome destinations from Destiny 1.. This was elaborated a few weeks ago, but in the end you can see much of it in video format, including the new character Shaw Han. They described this introductory experience as “Destiny Distilled. “

Hunting season

Well, friends, we’re trying to get spoilers, so if you don’t want to know more, come back now.

Seriously, kill this page as Uldren killed Cayde.

Are you sure you want to continue?

Alright, the hunting season is the season that accompanies it Beyond the light..If Beyond the light Is the basic experience of the fourth year, and the Season of the Hunt drives the story that goes on throughout the year.We saw a similar strategy Shadow keepExpect similar seasonal content this year as well.Seasonal content is not displayed for direct connection at a glance Beyond the light, But very similar Shadow keep And in the corresponding season, these must be the final binding threads.

During the hunting season, Uldren and Osiris work together to investigate the growth of Xivu Arath and her Hive, who are crazy enemies, among all. But Uldren is not the Uldren we know. He was resurrected and revived by his mortal awakened self-memoryless ghost.He now calls himself a crow, and his return pays off the long-standing mystery following the end Abandoned.. I have to work with the guy who killed Cade, is he the same guy?

This story further influences Savathun and actually sets the overall arc of the fourth year story. Destiny 2.. “Savathun has a domino in place and at the end of the fourth year she intends to knock down the domino.”

The last part explains that this is just the beginning of at least three more years. Destiny 2.. Beyond the light, Witch Queen,and Light fall It tells the story of the trilogy, and the seasons in between tell more stories. This all sets the future for the game. “”Destiny Childs The best day is in front of us. “

If you want to keep an eye out for secrets and future tips, it’s worth watching the entire video. A short shot around 1:58 shows that Zavala and Osiris are adjacent to two Cabals around the war table. And they are not fighting. Are you trying to team up with an enemy faction on a larger scale? And some shots definitely show that six Guardians are loading to their destination and making fun of the Deepstone Crypt Raid.There’s a lot to absorb here, but one video detailing it is great Beyond the light We will also add some new contexts.

In addition to ViDoc, check out Hunt’s new season roadmap.

Destiny 2 Season Hunt Roadmap

Click to enlarge

The· Destiny 2 The Season of the Hunt roadmap provides pretty good ideas for key beats and releases in the coming months, but there’s no doubt that all the content has a lot of secrets hidden in it. After all, letting players and the community discover is something Bungie is pretty good at.

Destiny 2 Beyond the light Released on November 10th. The next-generation version of the game will be available on December 8th, with significant optimizations such as the console’s FOV slider.

[Source: Bungie]

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Roadmap and ViDoc Details Season of the Hunt, Returning Characters, and the Narrative Arc for Year 4

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