Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Cryptrade has begun

In addition to half a dozen planets and countless weapons and armor, Destiny 2: Beyond Light has made the game’s existing raids say goodbye. So it’s time to add something new of its own. Thee Deep Stone Crypt opens its doors today, allowing you to test all your hard-earned Europan gear in the first real endgame challenge of the expansion. Or, instead, get ready to see Destiny’s smartest guardian make it a duke in the race to clear Bungie’s latest SF puzzle box first.

It’s always a good time to see people understand the latest raids. And thanks to the last-minute fixes, you can be confident that the boss’s tactics will be a bit more diverse than using Stasis Warlock to drive them into oblivion.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind for the first day of Deep Stone Crypto. To serve those who want to make their instances “world’s first,” the raid is locked into what’s called contest mode for the first 24 hours. The power of the artifact is disabled, the power level is limited to 20 below the bar on each encounter, and there is no benefit to facing the last boss with more than 1230 power. In a loot-centric game like Destiny, you can get as close as possible to an equal competition.

It will be a very stressful experience for the team trying to win the title, but it will be a great watch for our other people. I don’t know who likes to win, but it’s a good idea to look at the Destiny 2 Twitch category to see who’s taking the shot. Or don’t do that. Minimize the spoiler when trying blindly with your peers. It’s half the fun.

Despite fears that Shadebinder Warlocks will put a large wrench into the race, it looks like there will be a fairly exploit-free show tonight. Still, Bungie validates the claim with the world’s first title before claiming a special emblem. For everyone else, defeating the raid before December 1st will give you this fashionable winter coat.

You see, at least better than those nap trainers.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s first raid, Deep Stone Crypt, has been opened

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