Destiny 2: Beyond the Weapon of Light

With each new expansion of Destiny 2, players will have the opportunity to search for and collect new loot. Armor, ghosts, sparrows, and lots of new weapons are coming to Beyond Light, and it’s already clear that you’ll definitely want to get one. Here are some of the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light weapons you can collect.

Old friends

You can’t mention a new weapon without talking about the familiar face resurrection. Hawkmoon The iconic hand cannon of the first game, originally dedicated to the PlayStation. It is currently on the Beyond Light roster.But Hawkmoon Some changes have been made. The same exotic perks of random bullets that do bonus damage aren’t featured-mainly because they were a bit overwhelmed. That said, I don’t know what the new perks will be at this point, but I hope they will be as symbolic as they used to be.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Return to New Weapon List Another exotic thing is the Strangers Pulse Rifle. I don’t have time to explain.. Again, this weapon is an improved version of Destiny 2 that allows you to create some kind of portal and bring bullets from another timeline to keep it on fire while reloading.

New exotic

Cloud strike Is a brand new exotic sniper rifle that creates lightning bolts when landing a precision hit. Landing a rapid precision hit will summon the entire storm at the point of impact.

next, Lament, A plump exotic chain sword that can shred enemy shields. It also features the ability to heal you. Oh, it can also be revived like a chainsaw.

Salvation grip Is a grenade launcher that creates stasis. The latest element type that comes with Beyond Light, a crystal that freezes enemies instead. You can also create charge shots that increase the amount of crystals.


Next, there is a completely new element class stasis that enables time manipulation capabilities. Stasis acts as one of the new subclasses of each class of game. Certain weapons also have new damage types associated with them. This is a significant change, as the new weapon damage type has been introduced into weapons for the first time in franchise history.

Expect a large number of new weapons to appear in the primary, secondary, and special slots that feature Stasis. Not only that, the new European weapons feature a nice looking aqua blue and red color scheme.

In addition, pursuit weapons are back on the list of Destiny 2: Beyond Light weapons. Tracking weapons do not have random perks rolls, but instead have a wide set of fixed perks that players can choose according to their needs.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is a lot of fun when exploring the frozen plains of Europa.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Weapons

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