Destiny 2 BeyondLight subclass

Destiny 2: With the release of Beyond Light, a whole new range of subclasses is available. Powered by Stasis’s new Darkness power, there are three new subclasses that Destiny 2 newcomers and veterans can understand. Not surprisingly, we’re great, so we’ll look at each one in turn.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Warlock Shadebinder subclass

Warlock Shadebinder’s Super, which starts things pretty powerfully, is a well-named Winter’s Wrath, and Warlock can be reminiscent of a giant ice staff. This staff boasts two modes of operation as well as appearance. Primary firing mode fires a giant stasis bolt to lock enemies in place. Secondary mode triggers a shutter shock wave to instantly destroy a nearby frozen attacker.

Rounding things up is the penumbra blasting ability of the Warlock Shade Binder. A neat melee override ability, Penumbral Blast allows Warlocks to fire a single stasis bolt that freezes enemies. Kicker? You don’t even have to activate the super to use this ability. Certainly happy days.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Titan Behemoth subclass

As you can imagine, the Titan Behemoth subclass of Beyond Light, a stasis version of the Titan class, is a feared tank in this latest expansion. Titan Behemoth’s Glacial Quake Super Ability is a terrifying reputation, and once activated, it triggers a stasis wave to solidify around the Titan, increasing its resistance to all forms of damage.

Glacial Quake is not only used for tanking missions, but is also useful for traversal because it allows Titans to jump farther, faster and higher than before. This is very useful for the next ability, ground control. Ground Control, the kind of attack expected of the incredible Hulk, is an AoE attack. Titan punches into the ground, triggering waves of stasis crystals to undulate, freezing all enemies unlucky enough to get caught in a blast in place.

In terms of melee attacks, Titan Behemoth covers this base with a Siburst-like ability that has two very useful uses. Primarily, Shiver Strike allows Titans to rush towards enemies and quickly fire into the air. However, a subtle side effect of Shiver Strike is that at the point of impact, nearby enemies will slow themselves down. Bargain!

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Hunter Revenant Subclass

In the Hunter Revenant subclass, the Silence & Squall Super abilities are everything. When engaged, Silence & Squall summons a pair of sickle blades with two modes of operation, similar to Warlock Shadebinder’s superskill.

Players can use the Hunter Revenant’s Deadly Edge ability to attack enemies and trigger Stasis Blast to freeze nearby enemies. Next is the Stasis Storm attack. It has proven to be good at controlling the crowd, creating a swirling storm of Stasis, damaging, slowing down, and eventually freezing enemies swept into it.

Finally, the Hunter Revenant balances the proximity of the equation with the Withering Blade skill, a special stasis where the player not only bounces between enemies, but also slows them down, but also causes a lot of damage to the track. You can throw the projectile.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Best Class

It’s hard to say what the best class of Destiny 2 Beyond Light is. In particular, it directly addresses the key roles of damage dealers, support and tanks that the group needs to succeed.

However, Titan Behemoth is a safe bet because of its full resilience to damage and its independent viability. In particular, players of all skill levels can tolerate far more punishment than other methods.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light New Subclasses

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