Destiny 2 Chainsaw Sword Reveals Familiar Face Secret Identity

To Fate 2: Beyond the lightBungie, a recent “Lost Lament” exotic quest, reveals the relationship between two old-fashioned Destiny characters, the evil high-tech mogul Clovis Bray and the vague Tower Gunsmith Banshee-44.

There was a request from Banshee-44 after the player completed the Deep Stone Crypt raid. He had the player recreate his lost sword and helped the forgotten Gunsmith regain some of his lost memories. And at the end of that quest, Banshee-44 and the Guardian realized that the long-dead Clovis Bray was reborn as the adorable Gunsmith many years ago.

So how can these two opposite characters exist as the same entity?Some hidden Destiny 2 Folklore tells a story.

Who is Banshee-44?

The memory of Banshee-44 begins to be agitated.
Image: Bungee via polygon

To Fate And Destiny 2, Banshee-44 sits behind the tower table and polishes various weapons.He is the Armsday vendor of the original game and has both weapons and mods Destiny 2..

Banshee-44 is Exo, a robot that uploads the spirit of a living human to consciousness. Banshee-44 (and other notable Exos such as Saint-14 and Cayde-6) are not biologically human, but other characters have the spirit and personality of someone who once existed. Therefore, treat them as humans. Banshee-44 is in a bad mood (John DiMaggio, Gears of War Marcus Fenix, FuturamaVendor) was heartfelt.

Aside from his gentle and faint personality, the decisive feature of Banshee-44 is his oblivion. The 44 in his name indicates the number of times his program has been restarted. In particular, it is much higher than the Saint 14 or Cayde 6. Every reboot robs him of his memory, and every reboot makes it hard to remember even his short-term experience.

Prior to the “Lost Lamentation” quest, Banshee-44’s bad memories were played for some bowel punches in past exotic quests. When Cayde-6 died in the hands of Uldren Sov Destiny 2: Abandoned, Banshee-44 demanded that the player recover Ace of Spades, Cade’s beloved Hand Cannon, from the murderer. Banshee-44 then helped the player fix the ace and vowed not to forget his friend. But even now, Banshee occasionally asks the Guardians if they have seen Cade recently.

A year ago and a year after Cayde-6’s death, Banshee-44 finds Banshee-44 a secret workshop for players to find Cayde-6 and help Guardians get Leviathan’s Breathbow. I asked how. The Guardian had to find it himself because he didn’t want to see Banshee-44 relive Cade’s death.

However, in the “Lost Lamentation” quest, Bungy gave purpose to the tragic memory of Banshee-44.

Who is Clovis Bray?

Destiny 2 Clovis AI's big Exo head

The only real remnant of Clovis is his huge AI
Image: Bungee via polygon

Unlike Banshee-44, Clovis Bray was a real bastard.

As a human being, Clovis founded Braytech, which was responsible for the development of numerous technologies during the Golden Age. Clovis’ most famous contributions include Warmind Rasputin and all Exo in-game.

Clovis was a genius, but he was also a monster. He experimented with his dying son and many of his grandchildren — two of them are other famous fateful characters: Elsie Bray (Exo Stranger) and Ana Bray.

Clovis created his last research facility in Europa, where Elsie joined him as his disliked assistant. At Europa, Clovis investigated what players are familiar with as Darkness, called “Clarity Control.” Due to the influence of Clarity Control, he used Vex to create Exos.

Elsie and Clovis have encountered Vex’s invasion of Europa. This killed both human bodies when uploading consciousness to Exos. Of course, Clovis sent his granddaughter first to make sure the procedure worked.

After uploading, Clovis split into two parts. The first was Clovis AI, which continued to run the Deep Stone Crypt that Clovis experimented with. The second was Clovis-1, Clovis’ custom-made Exo body. Also, due to the ongoing Vex threat in Europa, the two were not synced properly, allowing Clovis-1 to operate independently.

How can I make Banshee-44 and Clovis Bray the same person?

Destiny 2 Banshee-44 finds him a clovis

After “Lost Lament”, Banshee-44 understands who he is.
Image: Bungee via polygon

In Lost Lament, players will reactivate Clovis AI and learn how Clovis-1 became Banshee-44.

The sword of mourning belonged to Clovis-1 to Clovis-43. He rode Vex waves and waves in Europa with Exo Stranger and burned them in The Lament. During this battle, Deepstone Crypto restarted Clovis 42 times and earned the nickname “Banshee” for his fierce fighting style.

After the battle, Clovis-43 worked with Elsie to block Clovis AI. When Clovis lived as an exo, his new self realized through his relationship with Elsie how much damage Clovis Bray had done as a human being. Wanting to save Elsie from his relationship with himself, hoping to turn over the new leaf, Clovis-43 asked Elsie to restart him again, giving him a new life and a new name. .. She restarted him as Banshee-44 — this time I don’t remember her previous self — Exo we know and love. However, all reboots were sacrificed and Banshee’s memory was not fully recovered.

After the Guardian regains his mourning, he regains some of his memory, at least temporarily. In the days of fighting behind him, he hands the sword to the Guardian and vows to visit the European Clovis AI before he can forget it again. After this conversation, Clovis AI suggests that he may try to conquer Banshee-44 and return him to the Clovis fold.

Banshee-44 represents the potential benefits of Clovis Bray, a luggage-free genius. If the Clovis AI could invade Banshee, which we know, his personality could be completely nullified, replaced by the Clovis AI, and returned to the basic form of Banshee, which Banshee escaped with 43 resets.

However, he didn’t get the nickname Banshee for free, so he could have one good fight left.

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