Destiny 2 Cloudstrike Exotic Guide-How to Get a Sniper Rifle Like Thunder Road

With the release of the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2, the Beyond Light extension brings a whole new set of exotic weapons and armor. Some require you to complete quests to reach them, while others have their own prerequisites. With Cloudstrike, a powerful sniper rifle that attacks enemies with lightning, you need to complete some tasks before you can acquire exotics.

Cloudstrike is technically a random drop of Empire Hunt activity in Europa, but you need to unlock your chance to get it. Here’s everything you need to know to track Cloudstrike and fill out a new collection of weapons.

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Step 1: Complete the “Hard Rain Falls” mission

Variks, one of Europa’s quest providers, has offered special sabotage bounties since the expansion was released. After the Deep Stone Cryptrade was added to the game, you now have access to some of the previously hidden ones. But first, you need to knock out the story quest.

To do this, you need to head to Exo Stranger and select the story mission A Hard Rain Falls. This shows how the world has changed as a result of the team completing the Deep Stone Crypto raid. Due to the destruction of the orbital platform that is part of the raid, one area of ​​Europe becomes a weekly “solar eclipse”. Check the Europa Director map to see which areas are hidden. When an area is shaded, the presence of corruption and darkness there increases, and the behavior of things in the zone changes slightly.

For our purposes, you need to know that you need to go to the overlapping area to complete the event to complete the Hard Rainfalls. Defeat enemies, pick up patrols and complete public events. Get the best progress on your mission by completing heroic public events and killing powerful enemies with orange and yellow lifebars. You can complete the mission without any problems by knocking out some heroics.

Step 2: Complete the Variks “Europan Explorer” sabotage bounty

You must knock out Europan Explorer I and II sabotage bounties from Variks before you can get cracks in Cloudstrike.

Then head to Variks. At the end of Hard Rain Falls, you’ll be filled with new sabotage bounties that weren’t available before (the rest will be unlocked when you complete ExoStranger’s final story quest, Born of Darkness 4). The two bounties that need to be completed are Europan Explorer I and Europan Explorer II. The second bounty will only be available when you finish the first bounty. You’ll need 10 for the first bounty, 20 for the second bounty, and 20 for one of the Empire Hunt missions if you’ve completed other Variks upgrades, so Herealways Pieces is in good stock. Make sure it is appropriate. Earn more Here always in Europa by completing Lost Sectors, killing high-value targets and defeating public events.

Both of these prizes are very simple. Europan Explorer I requires you to defeat Europa enemies with different types of guns. 50 for Kinetic, 50 for Energy, 25 for Heavy. Europan Explorer II sends you to Empire Hunts. There you need to kill a total of 30 powerful enemies. If you’re careful, you should be able to do that with one Empire Hunt-don’t kill big boss enemies until you knock out all the little minions in a particular room. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to kill all the orange and yellow lifebar enemies in missions that can rob you. If you’re trying to do this all at once, you may want to avoid warriors. This is because there are only 29 powerful enemies and we had to hunt for the second time.

Step 3: Complete the variable difficulty Empire Hunt

Empire hunts of various difficulty levels are launched by the director and are not found as mission banners on the surface of Europa.
Empire hunts of various difficulty levels are launched by the director and are not found as mission banners on the surface of Europa.

After completing Europan Explorer II, you will have access to Empire Hunts, which behaves like Shadowkeep’s Nightmare Hunts. Here you can adjust the difficulty from Adept to Master. However, the Variks menu does not have these. The new hunt is at the top of the European Director Map. This means that you can start the hunt from orbit. It’s also pretty fast as it eliminates the requirement to send various enemies around Europe before actually unlocking the Empire Hunt mission.

All difficulty levels of the variable EmpireHunts list Cloudstrike as a potential reward. Unfortunately, Cloudstrike is listed as a “rare” drop, so the focus is on “potential”. In other words, you may be able to get it from the more difficult Empire Hunt, but it may not be. Fortunately, the rarity is the same for all difficulty levels, so you don’t have to worry about difficult hunting unless you really need it.

Unfortunately, that’s it. Once you have unlocked Empire Hunts of variable difficulty, all you have to do is complete them to get Cloudstrike. As you continue to work on the Variks Sabotage Bounty, you can increase your Empire Hunt rewards and add the best drops each week. But if you need exotics, you’ll have to keep hunting until it falls for you.

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