Destiny 2 Cross-Play Beta Launches May 25th

Bungee is the first (official) Cross-play beta will be available in Destiny 2 on Wednesday, May 25th. The event will continue until Friday, May 27th and will be open to all Destiny 2 players. According to Bungie’s official blog post, it’s only for a limited time. The beta version has a “Unique Vanguard Strike Cross-Play Beta Playlist” that allows players to dodge incoming darkness, similar to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia users.

The announcement goes a little over a week as Bungie accidentally started cross-play with the Season of the Splicer update and then had to patch its removal. Bungie acknowledged the incident in his latest post, saying, “This was due to a bug, but I saw players mingling across platforms. That was great, but the release resumed. To do that, I had to smash the bugs like a subscribe button. Tracking. “Assuming everything is” on track, “the studio is set to arrive on August 24th. Confirmed that we intend to maintain the original Season 15 release date.

However, keep in mind that while the beta is open to everyone, not all features of the game are open to test subjects. To help the beta process go smoothly, only your own Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlists will be available in cross-play mode. In addition, players will not be able to form fire teams or send invitations to friends. Silver lining? As a “sign of appreciation for your time,” Bungy said all players who completed three Vanguard Strikes from a unique playlist during the beta will receive an exclusive “Star Cross” emblem. I did.

For now, players can take part in the newly released Season 14 (Splicer’s Season) and look forward to the Grand Reopening of the Vault of Glass on May 22nd.

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