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The good news is that Destiny 2 has yet another patch, so you’ll have to wait 30 minutes to download and install it. If you have a sexy next generation console, you can see that the installation will be much faster, but still wait a few minutes so enjoy this happy badger photo during the patch installation.

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This is a patch note.

Hunting season

  • Adjusted the Cryptolith Lure to allow players to charge twice as fast.
  • The charge cap for Cryptolith Lure has been increased from 3 to 5.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to reacquire Cryptolith Lure each time they launched the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the lure exclusion description.
      • The One for All perk was incorrectly listed as a possible role for Corsair’s Wrath and has been fixed to the Unrelenting perk.


  • Fixed an issue where some players were blocking the progress of abandoned campaigns.
  • Fixed a place where players could get out of the environment.
  • Resolved an issue in the New Light Introductory Quest that prevented some players from progressing beyond the first “Guardian Rise” mission.
  • Fixed an issue where “Stasis Weekly Challenge” was not translated correctly in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lost Lament quest would not progress from the Minotaur, Hydra, and Cyclops.


  • Fixed an issue where removing a character could reset some raid rewards.


  • Coordinated destination material exchange with Gunsmith to reduce the likelihood of needing material from the vault destination.


  • Fixed an issue where freeze tag emotes were reducing incoming damage.


  • Penumbra Blast:
      • The firing range has been increased by 37%.
      • The minimum range for casting ranged melee attacks has been reduced by 32%.
      • This allows ranged melee attacks to be closer to the target.
  • Fixed an issue with GlacialQuakeSuper where melee attacks could not be activated.
  • Resolves an issue where players would appear to be stuck in other players’ Shiver Strike actions and animations.


  • Fixed an issue with The Lament’s Heavy Air Attack that would work if the weapon had no ammo.


  • Fixed an issue where the PSN friends list wasn’t popping up as expected.
  • Fixed a screen tearing issue on some consoles.

Source: Bungie

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