Destiny 2: Osiris Trials Will Not Return Until End of This Month

After a turbulent month for the trials of Osiris Destiny 2Competitive weekend-only multiplayer mode, Bungy announced another delay.. The Osiris trial will return on December 18, assuming Bungy will not find any more problems.

Osiris Trials haven’t seen a full weekend play since Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Released on November 10th.A few days later Beyond the light, Bungee announcement The mode will be postponed until November 27th.

The trial was released on November 27th, but only for 5 minutes. At 12:06 EST Bungee announcement I found another bug in the Trials of Osiris and had to shut it down until I was notified later. The announcement of the renewal on Thursday, December 18th is the latest information we have about its return, but fans shouldn’t seem to raise their expectations too high.

When the trial comes back, this will be the longest pause in competitive mode since the bungee came back earlier this year.To Beyond the light, Bungie has introduced the Adept weapon to the Trials of Osiris — a slightly better version of the Trials weapon reserved for the perfect player.

If everything goes according to plan, Destiny fans will have to wait another two weeks to get the Adept weapon.

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