Destiny 2 players talk about high microtransaction prices

Destiny 2 players are concerned about Bungie’s individual cosmetics and DLC pricing and are focusing on the next Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.

Destiny 2 Players have complained about Bungie’s microtransactions and DLC pricing. Bungee Action-MMO continues to be one of the most popular titles in the game, Recent changes Destiny 2End game Multiplayer Activity Osiris Trials bring back many players who were previously away from the game’s historically messy PvP. However, with the recent increase in new players on PCs, the player base remains healthy. Destiny 2DLC was available on the Microsoft Game Pass at the beginning of October.

To tell Destiny 2 There was no shortage of controversy over its four-year lifespan and would put it gently. The first DLC for the title, Curse of Osiris, was negatively viewed by both fans and reviewers due to lack of content. Recently, Bungy’s move to become an independent studio has been Destiny 2 Content VaultAttempts to improve the overall quality of the game, but at the expense of much of the old content of the game. This “arched” content contains many of the most popular raids in the title. This is a series of difficult endgame activities that host some of Destiny’s biggest challenges.

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In a recent Reddit post, users UselessDeadMemes Expressed concern about the state of microtransactions in Destiny 2, Call them “Insane” When “Significantly overpriced”.. They continue to break down the prices of many cosmetics that players can buy from Eververse (Destiny 2In-store cosmetics store), “$ 2 to $ 12 per emote” NS “$ 3 to $ 16 for one armor set“. Bungie’s upcoming $ 25 30th Anniversary DLC Pack was highlighted as a particular concern, and UselessDeadMemes said: “For $ 25, I was able to buy a 21/2 Season Pass that offers far more content and cosmetics than this bundle.” Many other Reddit users seem to agree with this sentiment, with posts reaching nearly 5900 votes.

There are various replies to posts, and it has been pointed out that there have been no recent price increases. Other users quickly pointed out the prices of cosmetics for other free play titles, such as: Apex Legends When Brave, Cosmetics can cost more than $ 100.Notable Destiny 2 We also offer an in-game currency that can be used for cosmetics called Bright Dust. This can be obtained through regular activities and completion of incentives. This alternative is sufficient to prevent microtransactions from annoying some people.

As Bungy confirmed the plan, complaints come as a result of the game’s player-based confused week. Dungeon content Destiny 2‘NS Queen of witches DLC is not included in the Season Pass, but instead requires a separate purchase to purchase or access the Collector’s Edition. This is a change to Bungie’s previously established annual content cycle, when Dungeons was released as free content for all players. Players who have previously pre-ordered the base version of DLC now find themselves locked out of planned content in the future without knowing what the final price of that content will be.

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Destiny 2: Queen of Witches Released on February 22, 2022, it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

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Destiny 2 players talk about high microtransaction prices

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