Destiny 2 raid racing was fun and cruel

The best time to play the Destiny Raid is as soon as it starts. Before the puzzle is solved, the boss puts the cheese on, the build is optimized, the surprise is ruined, and you discover it yourself. The raid is very cruel at startup as the first 24 hours are under a special “contest mode”. Enemies become extremely tough while players are competing for the world’s first completion. When Destiny 2: Beyond Light opened Deep Stone Crypt last Saturday, I jumped straight into the fire team and gave a mysterious and good blow. Was good.

Deep Stone Crypt is the mysterious birthplace and surprise of Destiny’s robotic people, Exos. – It’s huge. Bungy has dropped mysterious hints over the years, so it’s good to finally see what the megalomaniac Clovis Bray in his friendly neighborhood was looking for. It’s also a real spectator, balancing a clean sci-fi lab with a bit of horror and a big spectacle. You’ll come across spoilers later in the post, so if you’re waiting to see for yourself, give up.

The start of the new raid is a big celebration at Destiny, with Bungy sending the actual title belt to one team that won the “Raid Race” and a special in-game emblem for everyone who finishes in the first 24 hours. will send. On day one, Bungy also hits a contest mode that limits the player’s level much lower than the enemy, as understanding how raid battles and puzzles work is clearly not challenging enough. So you’re trying to understand how encounters work (this time juggling special buffs to see what’s hidden, controlling machines, interrupting bad things, etc. Masu). We died a lot. Even if we found a solution, forcing the level down gave little room for mistake.

It is wonderful. I love hard destiny. The game has a lot of room to carefully build skills, weapons, armor, and mods, but it’s rarely needed, so I enjoy the opportunity to get serious. I previously talked about the Grandmaster Nightfalls tactical challenges and attempts at perfect prophecy. Up to 6 players can participate in the raid on the first day. It’s tough, but it makes success very sweet. I was purely excited when most groups finally defeated Artaks-1, a self-replicating boss who had been stuck for hours. But Jesus, it took time.

After playing 13 of the 24-hour opening, the raid did not end, but reached the final boss. It was quite satisfying. The winning team took 5 hours and 29 minutes to play fair. This time there was no raid lace emblem, but it was closer than before. We’re waiting for the bungee to start the raid until the second half of the season and we’re happy that it started on Saturday instead of weekdays.

Last night, I finally returned to Deepstone Crypto with the same people and completed the entire attack in two hours. I think it will be within an hour soon. It’s really easy now. We know puzzles, we have builds, we have levels. It was still a lot of fun, but man, I almost missed the challenge mode. I don’t want Bungie to make the whole game difficult, but I like to add difficult options. Having humility as much as I enjoy my usual lucky destiny is sometimes kicked into me and creates a good world.

Spoiler time? Spoiler time. Destiny 2 has always been great in spectacle and scale, and MAN the Deep Stone Crypt has some good points. One boss battle is divided between Europa’s crypto and the orbiting space station, where players ride up and down on small pods carrying boss debris to wash away airlocks. That’s good.

Also great: a platform along the underside of the space station, a vacuum mutes the sound and pipes a nice lullaby.

Continuing splendor: A chaotic encounter about juggling the core while its space station plunges into the atmosphere.

The last boss once again made me feel like I was attending another person’s school reunion. Taniks came from the first game that wasn’t on the PC, so I didn’t recognize it. But he’s back, and this time he’s the eternal villain of fate? Anyway, some of the fire teams seemed happy to see this absolute shelf again.

The best time to play a Destiny raid may be right after it starts, but the second best time is at other times. They are so much fun. Even if you’re not so serious about fate, I recommend going. They may sound intimidating, but in reality they aren’t that tough, teamwork is satisfying, and the sights are spectacular. There are RPS clans with many people working on the RPS community Discord, and kind-hearted people often volunteer to take newcomers to the assault. I swear it will take less than 13 hours.

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Destiny 2’s raid race was delightfully brutal

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