Destiny 2 team defeats raids and unlocks new locks beyond light quests for all players

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Destiny 2: Beyond the LightDeep Stone Crypt Raid went live yesterday, and nearly six hours later the Fireteam began to win, unleashing a bunch of new content throughout the game.

When you log on Destiny 2 Around 1 pm yesterday, you would have been invited to run through the game’s latest raid, the most secret and dangerous part of the Crovis Bray European facility, full of puzzles to prevent it from falling into your home. The fall of salvation. If you log in again in the evening New animated cutscene Set the current next phase Beyond the light Expansion, Same as 2 years ago When the people who defeated The Last Wish opened the rest of the Forsaken extension.

This year’s raid that helped push Destiny 2 Throughout the afternoon, at the top of the Twitch chart, it was filled with some great moments, including climbing to the space station and crashing it into Europe. Fate Clan Luminous Insisted on victory Bungy is currently sifting the results and checking for cheating, but it seems to be the first in the world to defeat the Deep Stone Crypto and actually be the winner. Before officially declaring the champion..

For everyone else, here’s the new content Beyond the light It just opened:

  • A new quest from Variks.
  • A new quest from Exo Stranger.
  • A new exotic quest for the Sword of Lamentation.
  • Launch of Eclipsed Zones in Europa.
  • Unlock the remaining sabotage missions in Variks.

These first two quests are very short, but each one is unique and rewarding. Variks takes place in different areas and includes many platforms and some interesting dialogues. The Exo Stranger quest is more boring, but unlocks the High Albedo sidearms. This is a welcome addition in times of loot shortages.


A new area of ​​Bray Exo Science called Creation has opened in Europa. It features bungee art direction and world-building firing on all cylinders.
screenshot: Bungee / Kotaku

Eclipsed Zones, on the other hand, are new rotating regions of the map of Europe where space station debris is falling from the sky (more on this later). The zone will participate in some new quest steps, but it seems that there are also new activities related to the zone, such as console hacking and drone killing using a mechanism similar to raids.

The biggest additions are three new exotics. One, Very powerful multi-target rocket launcher Called the Eyes of Tomorrow, you can easily earn the other two by simply dropping them when you complete the raid. The exotic sniper rifle Cloudstrike is randomly dropped from the Empire Hunt playlist and opens when you complete both the Variks Europan Explorer I and II missions. The exotic sword mourning has its own, much more complex quest line. Again, you need to research Exo’s artifacts in Europa, learn more about the Gunsmith Banshee-44’s past, and acquire really fun new weapons in the process, without much loss. I hope all the exotic quest lines were just as interesting and rewarding.

In summary, it’s just a shot in the arm Beyond the light It’s a great way to dig deeper into Europe, especially for those who need it now and aren’t ready to run the raid itself while the contest parameters are still in effect. Overall, it doesn’t completely fill the shortage of new or updated loot pools, and the Season of the Hunts Wraithborn Hunt still feels a bit shallow at this point, but from an exploratory and narrative point of view, Beyond the light We deliver a lot.

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