Destiny 2 updates are faster thanks to Content Vault

Destiny 2 received regular PvP patches this week following the release of the Beyond Light extension. However, the difference this time was the speed relative to the size of FPS game updates made possible by Destiny Content Vault.

Discuss patches twitterDestiny’s VP Mark Noseworthy says having a vault means that Bungie’s team can respond to the changes they need faster than before. “Destiny Content Vault has reduced response time,” he tweeted, adding in parentheses: “And a passionate team of people who really work hard from home during the pandemic.”

Destiny Content Vault is a way to save some of your old and underused planets and gameplay to create space for new locations. This is to make space game rollouts more manageable, reduce file size, and prevent players from falling into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare situation. Noseworthy’s tweet confirms that Beyond Light has already helped players and developers enjoy the benefits of streamlining the game as a whole.

The PvP update in question primarily dealt with a new dark elemental subclass, nerfing stasis. Exploits have been fixed to reduce damage and reduce the speed, range, duration, and cost of various uses. Learn more about patches.

Our Richard Scott Jones has enjoyed his time at Destiny 2: Beyond Light so far, and in an ongoing review, “Beyond Light is a big step forward for Destiny.” It certainly proved a sales hit and made more than two spots on Steam’s top-selling list last week. If you’re considering a trip to Europa, we have a guide on all Destiny 2 exotics and all Destiny 2 weapons.

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