Destiny 2 Weapon Nerfes and Buffs In Season 14

Bungie has provided a preview of the balance changes that will take place in Destiny 2 as part of the still untitled Season 14. Many areas of the game will be adjusted, but weapon changes will be important in the latest weekly blog posts. See if certain swords or hand cannons are weakened, or if certain perks are less effective.

Weapon feature leader Chris Proctor elaborated on the choice of changes. We’ll talk more about this in a future patch note. Among the most widespread changes is the weakness to the aggressive (120rpm) hand cannon. Bungy wants to “suppress them a bit” because Proctor describes them as “very dominant” in PvP mode. This is done by reducing the damage and aiming assist fall distance by 2-4 meters, depending on the range statistics of the given weapon. Proctor says this should halve the tone from the Beyond Light Buff to the Aggressive Hand Cannon.

Vortex frame swords like the Falling Guillotine will see their effectiveness diminish, not by reducing damage. The bungee has increased the amount of ammo required for a full energy heavy attack from 4 to 6, so you need to choose a little more attack method. All swords and exotic weapons Bastion also check for chip damage removal. This allows you to bypass the shield and deal direct damage. Proctor says chip damage causes a variety of problems, including problems with Stasis enemies and mechanisms associated with certain encounters. (Bastion essentially shifts the Unstoppable Champions after the update, so not everything is bad news.)

The benefits of Quick Draw also have some weaknesses, as they offer more advantages than currently intended and provide a great boost to the handling of weapons. Proctor points out that this “completely denies” the drawbacks of using low-handling weapons such as sniper rifles and aggressive shotguns. After the update, if you switch to a weapon with a quick draw, the handling bonus will disappear after 1 second or as soon as you aim. You can also see that Quickdraw has been replaced by Surplus in both new and existing versions of two very dominant PvP weapons, the shotgun Felwinter’s Lie and Astral Horizon.

Frenzy benefits will also be weakened by how effective they are in PvE. This gives you 15% bonus damage (not 20%). The Fusion Rifle’s Reservoir Burst has also been adjusted to increase the magazine size, but with reduced battery bonus damage (down from 25% and 33%). Proctor also teased the need to make this change for future content.

And finally, another exotic The Lament is nervous because it’s an “apparent outlier of sword damage.” Its resurrected heavy attack reduces damage by about 16%, but removing chip damage has no barrier effect.

These were the only details shared, but Bungie said underutilized perks and linear fusion rifles would be buffed. These changes need to be outlined in late April.

Destiny 2 Season 14 will be available in mid-May, whatever the final name is. It will bring it some new and returning iron flag weapons.

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