Destiny 2 will be Stadia’s first real free play game

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Destiny 2The base game will be available free of charge to anyone who has an internet connection and access to the Chrome browser via Stadia from November 19th. Announced today..

Called Destiny 2: New Light, Free play Fate Players can explore everywhere in the game and participate in numerous multiplayer activities such as Crucible Matches and Strike Playlist missions. Last week, Bungie revamped its introductory mission with new stories and tutorials to improve the capabilities of onboard players. Playing for yourself is a better, more natural entry point into the game. Fate-Poetry than has existed in series games for years (except for all planets and campaign missions) Became a vault with the release of Beyond the light).

Destiny 2: Collection It was one of the big games that Stadia launched a year ago. Unlike most games on video games streaming platforms that need to be purchased separately, it is one of the “free” games included in your paid Stadia Pro membership and is accessible at no additional charge. collection Both are included Abandoned And Shadow keep Expansion, allowing players to stream the whole thing Destiny 2..

However, November 19th is the first time that a free-play version of the game, which has been available on consoles and PCs for some time, will be accessible to Stadia users. Google has released a free version of Stadia. This allows anyone with a Gmail account to stream the game in 1080p. Earlier this year, So once Destiny 2: New Light Is on the platform and will be the first truly free-to-play game that can be streamed. Hopefully it’s not the last. Warframe It would be great to use Stadia.

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