Destiny 2’s new ice power evolves in the fourth year

Destiny 2The new Stasis subclass of Beyond the light, Franchise expansion in 2020. Stasis is the first in the game’s new Darkness class and is likely to appear in future extensions. Witch Queen And Light fall.. According to Bungie, more changes will be made to Stasis in the fourth year.

The Dark Existence, Stasis, behaves a bit differently from the Solar, Ark, and Void subclasses players have known since Bungy first launched. Fate 2014 game. One way to make a difference is in Stasis’s customization system. This asks the player to choose one of the three branches in each supertree, unlike the “light” super, which is an all-binary choice. Stasis is fully modular, allowing players to choose different powers to fit into the Darkness subclass.

In an interview with Polygon last week Fate 2Game director Luke’s Miss about dark customization. “We are really excited about the new system,” he said. Bungie seems to think it was a success because the Stasis Super system is acting as a sort of journey into the realm of customization — and we agree.

Image: Bungee via polygon

Each Darkness subclass comes with a new supermarket and some unlockable grenade options. The player can then slot up to two powerful aspects into the character. This adds new perks to your Stasis ability. For example, Warlock can choose an aspect that can freeze nearby enemies when casting a lift, while Titan can choose to smash nearby enemies when sliding. Players can then slot less powerful fragments into those aspects, offering minor additions like damage buffs each time the player freezes an enemy.

Currently, each class has two aspects. It’s enough to fill both slots, and that’s it. Players will also get about 6 freely exchangeable fragments. Currently, Stasis is fairly static and Fragments are the only differentiator between players. Not so long. “Our intention is to add more,” Smith said.From now until next fall Witch Queen With the enhancement, Bungie adds aspects and fragments to Stasis, allowing players to swap aspects and customize subclasses more uniquely.

In a conversation with Smith, he made it clear that the new system wasn’t just about distinguishing between light and dark subclasses in the future. The goal was to provide more customization to the player. Smith quoted his colleague Kevin Janez.He introduced a new subclass system, “Diet Materia.” FINAL FANTASY 7.. ”

Currently, players don’t have that level of customization at all. However, over the next few seasons, Stasis should be expanded with new aspects and fragments, allowing each player to have a more unique Stasis configuration.

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