Destiny 2’s new raid boss has already been beaten by a team of three Guardian Fires

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid has only been available to players for a few days, but one fire team has already defeated the last boss in three stacks. Note: Raid the front mechanic spoiler.

A fire trio featuring Twitch streamers Sean’Gladd’ Gallagher and’AyyIts Chevy’, and’Aoterra’, a member of the Luminous” World First’Deep Stone Crypt clear team, has a very high encounter after many failures. I brought them closer in advance. In fact, from Grad’s point of view, relying on striking to help the team defeat the boss before it’s wiped out, seeing how close the victory run is due to the fact that he’s completely exhausted of ammo. I can do it.

Throughout the battle, you can see three musketeers playing before using the core to deposit hot potatoes. The margin of failure here is incredibly slim, and each core imposes a scaling debuff on the guardian who handles it. If any of the trios are too long while holding the core, their light will go out and the team will wipe. Therefore, team communication during timing handover must be clear.

Also, you can see extraordinary gun play from the POV of the three players. This is because these yellow critical hits are displayed above the once-headed enemies. Indeed, while it’s running, you can’t help but admire the vast amount of skills needed to achieve it.

For Grad, this is not the first impressive feat achieved by himself and his compatriots since the Deep Stone Crypto was welcomed by players. On November 22, he posted a video introducing himself, this time part of a complete six Guardian Fire team, defeating the last boss in one damage phase. The very frankly ridiculous amount of damage launched from the end of Glad is the legendary Kinetic Shotgun Heritage (one of Deepstone Crypto’s new reward weapons), First In, Last Out Shotgun, and Exotic Grenade. Achieved with the help of the Launcher Anarchy.

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The amount of minimax seen in just a few days is so great that it can be only a matter of time before you see a Shenanigan defeating solo attempts and other assaults in the Deepstone Crypto.

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