Destiny 2’s Osiris trail is finally back-but this week it’s not

Destiny 2’s most difficult multiplayer challenge, the Trials of Osiris, has been disabled for over a month. Bungie said he discovered an issue that caused the trial to be canceled shortly after the release of the Beyond Light extension, and the expected resumption of the trial is December 18.

Bungie released a date on Twitter with this week’s Bungie blog post. A fix for this issue is planned for a future update, but Bungie did not identify it as part of the fix coming into the game on December 8th, so a patch that will be reset weekly on December 15th. You can expect it.

The Trials of Osiris are Destiny 2’s greatest player-versus-player challenge, with matching loot rewards. Only available on weekends, players from three teams must play against other teams in a series of elimination matches. The goal is to win seven games in a row without losing anything, called “perfect”. Starting with Beyond Light, teams that can manage the perfect trial run will get special Adept weapons that offer stat boosts not available anywhere else in the game.

With the addition to Beyond Light, Trials has become a fascinating activity for many high-level players, but Bungie has announced that it will disable mode on November 12, just days after Beyond Light’s release. did. The developers had previously pegged the trial back on November 27th, but when that day came, Bungie postponed the trial again.

Bungie has also laid out some changes associated with the weekly reset on December 8th. Another fix will be set up that day, some minor fixes will be made, and the prophetic dungeon will be returned to the game. This is another activity that was disabled in the BeyondLight release. December 8th is also the release of Bungie’s next-generation upgrade for Destiny 2, so we look forward to frame rate improvements and other tweaks on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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