Destroy Car Demolition Clicker Now on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Clicker games come in many forms.See how different top-down strategies are Lord of clicks When compared to the strange serving of clicker action Mr. Masaji: Mayonnaise version.. A recent addition to the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One genres, Car Demolition Clicker basically creates the entire game from car destruction. This is a bit like the Street Fighter bonus stage. Are you ready for smashing time?

Car dismantling clickers are selling well. It’s a casual experience that gives you the chance to break a car and the result is zero. Pick up your weapons, imagine these vehicles belong to your greatest enemy, and start clicking on transport devices that will soon be deprecated. Weapons of mass destruction earn cash for equipment upgrades, support weapons and special abilities. .. Breaking windows, breaking hoods, blowing tires, and blasting with a rocket launcher are your choices.

Get ready for the mayhem at night alleys, construction sites, gas stations, and more. Don’t be afraid to get the most out of your dangerous environment. The danger of a barrel-like stage of explosives is just waiting to help thin out the car. And when it comes to cars, there are many different types of cars to extinct. From vans and American trucks to giant bulldozers.

If you want to release a little steam with a car demolition clicker, it costs only £ 5.79 Xbox store For the privilege of doing so. If you want to give it a try right away, please leave a comment below to get in touch and let us know how much time you’ve spent.

Game description:

Have you ever dreamed of breaking your car? Or is it your neighbor’s car? Well … I have a chance now! Pick up your weapon, summon a battle drone and click on the car to start oblivion! Earn cash, upgrade your equipment and find more vehicles to destroy! Lots of upgrades, support weapons, special abilities, explosions! Experience the best destruction in this clicker game. We put a lot of effort into graphic details and design to bring you high quality products. Night alleys, construction sites and gas stations are some of the beautiful stages we have created for you. Destroy different types of cars, from vans to American trucks to giant bulldozers. Break the windows, break the hood, blow off the tires, and finally blow up with a rocket launcher. Our main goal was to create a unique clicker experience, both in graphics and gameplay. You’ll see cool destruction mechanics, great visual effects, and increasingly scratching car paint. But even more fun is buying these high-level support weapons. f That’s not enough – use stage hazards such as blast barrels or call battle drones to destroy your car faster and earn even more gold! You will love those tools of destruction. However, be careful. Boss battles can be difficult. We recommend that you purchase the damage benefit just in case.

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Be destructive in Car Demolition Clicker out now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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