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Destruction All Stars, an action driving game dedicated to PlayStation 5, will start Season 1 on May 5th, adding a new character called Alba.

In a PlayStation blog post, developer Lucid revealed Aruba, who is “a fierce competitor from Scotland and, along with high-tech armored fighting suits, brings a clear determination to the arena.”

Aruba’s character breaker summons a blocker from the ground in front of her. Her hero vehicle, Claymore, deploys a laser beam that sweeps and damages effective areas. Aruba has a Challenge Series that will start in parallel with Season 1. The trailers for Season 1 are:

The new All Star Pass will be released in Season 1. This will add various skins, emotes, avatars, banners, and screams to the game. To advance the AllStar Pass, you must complete the match online and earn Season Points. Earn additional points by completing Seasonal Challenges and Sponsored Challenges. Challenges are free for all players. Whenever you play online multiplayer, Lucid said he’s constantly making progress towards the next tier of the All Star pass.

The AllStar Pass has 100 tiers to unlock, depending on your Battle Pass trends. Also, like the Battle Pass in other games, some items are available to all players, but Premium Tiers can be purchased for 1000 Destruction Points (1100 Destruction Points are £ 7.99).

According to Lucid, the All-Star Pass Premium Tier and Aruba Challenge series is the only paid content planned for Season 1.

Meanwhile, a few weeks after the release of Season 1, Photo Mode will be available in the game.

Also, as part of Season 1, the Blitz game mode will be available. This new mode will start in the middle of the season (early June), with 3 teams and 4 teams playing against each other. It’s about being the first team to reach the score set to win the round. The hook is that you have to select the new All Star at the beginning of every round. Interestingly, the character’s abilities and hero vehicle energy are inherited from the previous round. Therefore, this rollover energy can be used to favorly start the next round.

DestructionAllStars, which was a PS Plus game in February, is now a premium title and is available for £ 17.99 from the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus is required for online play.

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