Destructive, timely and very entertaining


9.5 / 10


Carey Mulligan as Thomas in Cassandra “Cathy”

Bo Burnham as Dr. Ryan Cooper

Alison Brie as Madison

Clancy Brown as Stanley Thomas

Jennifer Coolidge as Susan Thomas

Laverne Cox as Gail

Chris Lowell as Alexander “Al” Monroe

Connie Britton as Dean Elizabeth Walker

Adam Brody as Jerry

Max Greenfield as Joe

Christopher Mintzplasse, Neil

Sam Richardson as Paul

Alfred Molina as Jordan

Molly Shannon as Mrs. Fisher

Written and directed by Emerald Fennell

Review of promising young women:

The thriller rape and revenge sub-genre dates back to the film, but in general, its nominal violent crime is in the hands of the original victim or someone nearby, and is equally brutal in the rest of the story. Act as a catalyst for breeding violence What if they didn’t have to, but what if it didn’t have to be? Instead of providing the perpetrators with (incredibly justified) graphic killings and torture, the audience wasn’t sure what had happened to each adversary that the protagonist encountered, and the movie nailed them. What if you take a more psychologically destructive approach to becoming a hero? This is the path Carey Mulligan’s Cathy follows the Emerald Fennell’s Black Comedy Thriller. Promising young woman, And it has proven to be one of the smartest decisions made by movies of this genre.

Everyone said that Kathy (Carey Mulligan) was a promising young woman — until a mysterious event suddenly upset her future. But nothing can be seen in Kathy’s life. She is terribly smart, appetizing and cunning, and lives a secret dual life at night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Kathy the opportunity to correct her past mistakes.

Dividing the story into different chapters not only allows you to fine-tune past descriptive revelations and motivations for Kathy’s actions, but also keeps things going smoothly and makes transitions between different genres less unpleasant. You can also. A lovely man suffering from Kathy in a slow romance between her and her ex-classmate Ryan (Bo Burnham) is overtaking herself to fully reveal her past trauma. Jumping between a seemingly unconnected series of perverted men may seem like a really impossible task, yet with clever writing that simultaneously imbues everything with dark wisdom and a compassionate heart, Fennell. Easily pulls it off.

In addition to stellar writing, Fennell shows a very stylish eye on the direction of the film and does not oversaturate progress with neon colors like the Elle Fanning-led disappointment of Nicholas Winding Lefun, A wardrobe that makes full use of vibrant colors in both set design and set design to make every shot of the movie a visual work of art. She also does a great job of choosing not to show some of what the audience wants to see most, but rather leaves them to their imagination and puts the lens on a talented ensemble roster. I have put it.

Speaking of which, going back to the last 16 years, it’s hard to find a bad performance in Carey Mulligan’s resume, but her turn as Cathy in this movie is Oscar’s caliber and the best of her career. She gives the movie’s protagonist a presence that easily sympathizes with her true charm, further strengthening her story and the audience’s desire to support her. She tries to expose the annoying qualities of men one at a time and can easily recover, going back and forth between carrying herself with confidence and struggling. Along with Mulligan, all the ensemble casts it supports are noteworthy. Bo Burnham is a solid and romantic leader, and every “nice guy” makes the most of his short screen time by chewing on the conversation and landscape as much as possible. ..

One of the best things about a movie that is sure to advance endless discussions and conversations is its insane ending. Don’t worry now, spoilers won’t spill out of my fingers as I write this, but in a story that has already proven to be very unpredictable by the time the final act The audience certainly never sees a genius and a shocking finale coming.

Sure, it was the only thing that prevented it from becoming a full-fledged masterpiece in my eyes as much as I loved the ending because of its unpredictability, but thanks to its wonderfully destructive nature. It’s dark, cheerful and too real. Its story and character timeliness, performance defining a career from Mulligan, and stunning writing and stylish rendition from Fennell on her feature debut. Promising young woman It’s a great movie from start to finish.

Destructive, timely and very entertaining

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