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Navid Afkari has a special place in my mind. His story has driven me into this rabbit hole in Iran and their human rights abuses. Today, I’m going to elaborate a bit on the story of Navid Afkari surrounding the killing of an Iranian wrestler.

The story is that Iran’s economic situation deteriorated in 2019 and people went to protest the current administration. Afkari was then arrested for protest, tortured in prison, and falsely confessed to the murder of a villainous official. He was executed immediately without being detailed in the trial.

New details surrounding the killing of Navid Afkari

Immediately after he was arrested, graffiti went up around Jim in Afkari. The paint on the walls showed support for wrestlers, showing support for the natives.

Here you can see the message of mercy to Afkari saying “No to run Navid Afkari” and the hashtags “#NavidAfkari” and “SaveNavidAfkari”.

It says, “They just want to throw a rope around their neck.”

More mercy plea to Navid Afkari. “Navid Afkari is one of us. Don’t execute him.”

But not everything is merciful. Some graffiti calls for violence. “Death to Kamanei-We Revenge on Navid” and “While Kamanei lives like God, people live like begging-We take revenge on Navid Afkari.”

In December, social media photos showed the blasphemy of the tomb where Navid Afkari lived. The Iranian regime reportedly took his grave and destroyed it. This has not been confirmed by major news sources, but it is doing a round. The photo resembles the official tomb shown by the government.

On December 17, Navid’s father, Hossein Afkari, and his brother, Hamid, were arrested for cleaning the graves of their son and brother. IranWire reports that “family members were not allowed to visit the graveyard or take care of the tombstones and the surrounding area of ​​the tomb.” They continue. “But my father and son went to the graveyard and cleaned up the vacant lot around the grave that wasn’t ready to put the tombstones.”

Thanks to Benjamin Winterl and The Jerusalem Post. Details of actions taken against the martyr Navid Afkari revealed.. The Islamic Republic of Iran has seized a gym trained by Afkari.

Jim’s coach was banished and his insurance and salary were revoked. The club was given to Omid Norouzi, the head of an Iranian-backed army called Sepahe Fajr Bashiji. Sardar Pashaei confirmed to the Jerusalem Post that: They handed his wrestling club to Omid Norouzi, the head of Sephae Fajr Basig. They also changed the name of the wrestling club from jahan Pahlevan Takhti to Omid Norouzi Academy. “

The Basij militia is a pro-Iranian army that kills peaceful protesters. Over time, my MMA news will dive into the details of this developing story.

In the meantime, check out our previous story about Afkari and recent fraud against Iranian athletes below.

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Details about the killing of Navid Afkari Details about the killing of Navid Afkari

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