Details of Black Legend’s playable classes and alchemy system

Black legend Will appear on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, and PC in the second half of the first quarter of 2021 and promise to offer many new gameplay opportunities for fans who want to embark on a new strategic adventure. To do. Prior to its launch, the Warcave team detailed notes on the 15 playable classes available and the complex alchemical combat system that things focus on. It looks a little delicious too.

When it comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, and PC, Black Legend time at release will focus primarily on playable classes created by Warcave. There are 15 types available, and you can change the team members as you progress. From alchemists to sharpshooters, Buccaneers, to plague doctors, there’s a little bit for everyone. With multiple skill types available, unlockable, and usable in any class, the entire Black Legend premise looks mysterious.

If you’re interested in expanding your class, set it up like this …

  • Alchemist: Trained in the noble art of alchemy, these heavily armored individuals spend the day and night to perfect their combat skills, support their allies, and debilitate their enemies with a mixture of powder, explosions, and formulations.
  • Pirate: The stigma of a cheerful sailor makes little sense to those who have settled in this sea. With both melee and ranged attack options, they use a variety of tools and curses to make them as versatile as possible as part of their crew.
  • Commander: Beacons of inspiration on the battlefield, these tacticians point out targets, inspire allies, instill fear in enemies, and carry their momentum with them through their own offensive abilities.
  • Doppelsoldner: People trained in greatsword skills rely heavily on battle for great damage to establish their allies for catastrophic consequences. Wide swings can attack multiple enemies, but powerful blades are primarily designed to hurt fellow humans.
  • Dragoon: Illuminating their feet, the pyrokinetic-focused dragoon leaves a fiery path in their wake. Many who face dragoons, without considering their own safety at all, become ashes.
  • Duelist: A master of thin steel and unwavering honor, these blade masters employ all tactics to ensure victory in frontal combat. Their strength, speed and skill are comparable to just a few and no other way.
  • Executioner: Justice is inevitable when placed in the talented hands of these relentless men and women. Wearing heavy armor, you can kill quickly and efficiently with either an ax or a bullet.
  • guard: Weak Starwart protectors, their shields distract even the worst harm, and their arms give criminals proper retaliation. In combat, you can’t find tougher enemies and need a solid attack plan to counter their impressive defenses.
  • Inquisitor: A hunter roaming the streets looking for all forms of corruption. We are devoted to protecting humanity from all the unnatural things, so how much of our humanity was left in search of the power to do so …
  • Landsknecht: The proud owner of the spear, the halberd, was solidified by marching through all the landscapes known to humans for years. Their endurance training is the fastest on the field when it comes to wearing heavy armor and excels at reducing the mobility of enemies during an attack.
  • Marauder: Heavy weapons and light armor define the overall tactics adopted by these rogues and rely on barbaric power and speed to overwhelm their enemies.
  • mercenary: The base, the foundation of all wars in the world. These men and women are fighting for no reason, glory and beliefs, just for coins. Then how good it is to start the journey like this. Their lack of advanced combat skills is offset by their ability to adapt to any situation by being able to equip all weapons and armor.
  • Plague Doctor: The body, a master of humorism, has no secrets to its patrons of these plagues. What can be cured can also be killed, and their relentless research has made them both deadly enemies and mysterious companions.
  • Rogue: The term “villain” is not an insult, but the title of the shade ruler of the street. Agile and cunning, they can easily identify and exploit their weaknesses before returning to Grant’s shroud safety.
  • Sniper: Masters of crossbows and rifles, these soldiers rule from the edge of the battlefield and sniper distant targets with deadly accuracy. If you keep the enemy away, you can easily keep them in the door of death.

“We want players to be creative with the customizations available. When it comes to class abilities and equipment, it’s best to experiment with different combinations to protect your party or defeat your boss. It’s important to find a way, “said Menno van der Heiden, creative director of Black Legend. “Various political parties are essential to survive in Grant City.”

On top of that, Black Legend also has a pretty tasty alchemy system. Created based on real history, it’s a system that includes four stages of Magnum Opus, also known as the process of creating the Philosopher’s Stone, which promises to add an explosive twist to gameplay. Nigredo, albedo, cutrinitas, rubedo. Combining these four stages creates a variety of brutal combat effects …

  • Bronze: A combination of Rubed and Ctrinitas disease
  • Red: Rubed, representative External bleeding
  • Crimson: A combination of Rubed and Nigred Internal bleeding
  • Black: Represents black bile caused by Nigred, Major impact
  • Silver: A combination of albedo and nigred poison
  • White: Albedo, representing sputum caused by metal poisoning Sharp weapon
  • Gold: A combination of albedo and cutrinitas, Weakness of mind and soul
  • Yellow: Represents yellow bile caused by Ctrinitas. Explosives

We will continue to keep you informed of the development progress of Black Legend prior to the launch of the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, and Xbox. PC via Steam In the first quarter of 2021. Please post in the comments to let us know what you think about the entire system.

Black Legend’s playable classes and Alchemy system detailed

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