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Details of slurry investment scheme revealed

Subsidies to improve slurry storage and enable other pollution investments will begin in the fall of 2022, Defra officials said.

The Slurry Investment Scheme (SIS) is part of the government’s domestic agricultural policy and was first launched in October last year.

Its purpose is to upgrade storage to reduce the number of pollution accidents caused by leaks and spills and reduce the spread of store emissions and slurries.

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Details will be announced later this spring, but this week’s water quality stakeholder meeting revealed some features of the scheme.

According to Lizzie Wilson, Policy Officer at the National Pig Association, stakeholders were told that Defra wanted to help increase minimum storage capacity.

According to Wilson, the current minimum four-month storage capacity in certain sectors, such as dairy products, will be increased.

Instead, Defra said it would only invest in storage that could hold a minimum of 6 months of slurry.

The aim is to reduce the risk of overflow and provide farmers in vulnerable zones of nitrate with diffusion time flexibility.

A further regulation is that the slurry reservoir has an impermeable cover to cut water ingress and reduce overflow and effluent.

“At the meeting, Defra revealed that the scheme would be held in the fall of 2022 to fund the application,” Wilson added.

Authorities also said that applicants must meet certain conditions in order to qualify for the system.

She said this included a provision that farmers must receive relevant environmental advice and provide data on the effectiveness of new stores.

In addition, this scheme will allow farmers to adopt other pollution reduction measures, such as low emission spreaders, before becoming a legal requirement in 2025.

Details of slurry investment scheme revealed

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