Details of the Shin Sangoku Musou 9 Empire Political system, character editor, etc.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force today shared the latest details and screenshots Shin Sangoku Musou 9 EmpireDynasty Warriors 9 Empires Character Editor, including Political System of Games, Character Editor, and more. The title is a strategic combat experience where players are ready to take action on both the battlefield and the battlefield as they compete for control of ancient China.

Shin Sangoku Musou 9 Empire adds a tactical element to the 1-to-1,000 action of Koei Tecmo’s respected Shin Sangoku Musou series, and politics to achieve greatness through the quest for gamers to conquer the map. Allows you to use the system to your advantage. To take advantage of politics and strengthen military power, players will be able to execute internal affairs commands to procure resources needed for combat such as gold, food, and the army. Players can also recruit and hire new officers by executing political orders and stealing valuable officers like Zhang He from the rival kingdom. However, unlike the DW8 Empire, it is more effective to hire as many officers as possible, as only officers assigned to a particular town can participate in aggression and defense battles from that town. To get the advantage.

Gaining the trust of these officers is also very important. Once the player gains the trust of the officer, the officer proposes various secret plans while the player prepares for battle. If players use a secret plan proposed by an officer, they can further increase the trust of that officer. This trust will be rewarded on the battlefield. Normally, during combat, players can only give orders directly to lower-ranked officers. However, with sufficient trust, players can command higher-ranked officers. Ally officers also take command. If players execute the same command for officers, they can activate the adjustment bonus. The higher the reliability, the greater the effect and the more you can activate a special conversation.

In addition, a new strategic element, “Territorial Walk,” has been implemented to allow players to explore China and at the same time deepen their relationships with officers. By interacting with executives, players can gain trust by seeing different aspects of each character through interactions such as meals and responding to special requests. Players can also recruit non-affiliated officers during the walk. There are also special non-affiliated officers that can only be recruited after the player has taken a walk. During the walk, players can also take pictures in the familiar DW9 photo mode, and fans can specify everything from camera angle and time to weather with all breathtaking shots.

To improve the look of your character across Photo Mode and Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, there’s a new feature in the Character Editor that puts armor on top of your clothes. Previously, there was one set of armor and clothes, separate casual clothes. However, in the Shin Sangoku Musou 9 Empire, armor can now be placed on clothing. This means that in combat, officers wear armor, but depending on the setting, they can remove the armor or see casual clothing at special events such as: Walks and weddings.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires will be available for Switch in North America and Europe on February 15, 2022.

Details of the Shin Sangoku Musou 9 Empire Political system, character editor, etc.

Source link Details of the Shin Sangoku Musou 9 Empire Political system, character editor, etc.

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