Detroit: Become a human developer Quantic Dream rumored to be working on a Star Wars game

Rumors are widespread Detroit: Become a human When heavy rain Studio Quantic Dream may be working on a Star Wars game.

Rumors started from French YouTube creator Gautoz, Insist ( Video game chronicle) The studio signed a contract with Disney after the termination of the three game contracts with Sony. “They are currently out of contract with Sony and will be contracting with Disney. They seem to be working on Star Wars games.”

As always, rumors should be taken with just a little salt, but the claim was later Backed by Tom Henderson of Dual Shockers.. According to him, he said, “the individual who provided the overwhelming evidence of contact in Quantic Dream,” claiming that the project has been under development for about 18 months. The tweets that Henderson dropped while investigating the story also seemed to be favored by Quantic Dream’s official Twitter account.

It’s far from confirmation, but it’s worth noting that Henderson was the source of some rumors before. These include The story confirmed later Battlefield 2042 Supports 128 players..He was also cited as a source of recent rumors GTA6 is not expected for the next 4 years..

Quantic Dream has remained relatively quiet ever since when it comes to new games Detroit: Become a human Released in 2018..But busy Temporarily port most of the previous PlayStation limited edition to PC.. As for Star Wars, Remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Announced exclusively for PlayStation 5 At Aspyr just a few weeks ago.

We will listen and let you know if anything happens from this rumor.

Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream rumoured to be working on a Star Wars game

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