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Detroit Lions have no reason to start Matthew Stafford in the future

The· Detroit Lions Losing to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday has officially eliminated him from the playoffs.Quarterback despite a rib injury and thumb injury before the game Matthew Stafford I decided to overcome the pain and play.

Looking at his statistics on Titan, he doesn’t even know he was injured. He completed 68.8% (22/32) of the pass and threw 252 yards and a touchdown.

He insisted on a play showing dedication and dedication to Lions. He played against the Titans, probably for three reasons. He wants to be on the field, win, and take the Lions to the playoffs, no matter how unlikely.

Despite the fact that he probably wants to play the last two games of the season, interim head coach Deler Bevel needs to put Stafford on the bench and take over the rule in the quarterback. Chase Daniel..

If the Lions win any of the remaining games, it doesn’t make sense as they won’t go into the playoffs and only hurt the team’s future with respect to their draft positions.

The current 5-9 record sets Lions to choose from the 11th slot if the season ends today. If they lose the next two games, they will rush into the top 10 selections in the next draft, with the lowest likely to be the eighth pick. Much has to happen, but if the Lions lose in the next two games against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings, they could even be in the top five.

Choosing the top of the draft will allow you to choose a better player and increase the chances that someone wants to fall where you are. Having a higher pick can be a big boost to the future of the team and can make the difference between getting the player they want and missing him.

For Stafford, it will give him a rest from the harsh physicality that a soccer match does. Stafford missed the last eight games of last season and has been prone to injuries for some time in the past as he is currently dealing with two different illnesses.

Putting Stafford on the bench in the last two games of the season will only really benefit the future of the franchise and is not a popular decision among the fan base, but it is wise.

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Detroit Lions need to rest Matthew Stafford for the rest of the season Detroit Lions need to rest Matthew Stafford for the rest of the season

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