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Developer Spotlight: See Faces with Facer-Discovery

Road to launch Ariel Baldi Facer It started from afar. Especially Mars.

In 2015 he released the official Apple Watch game MartianBased on a movie starring Matt Damon. “You played directly from your wrist and interacted with Damon’s character in real time,” says Bardi.

His game studio, Little Labs, started with the development of watch games and then moved on to the design of Vardi’s other Apple Watch’s interests. Facer Is currently one of the world’s largest open marketplaces for watch face creators, with more than 30,000 people sharing their products. Traditional watch brands such as Jones, AVI-8 and Maurice Lacroix have also joined.

We talked to Vardi from LA’s home base about how to provide watch designs to everyone and determine if an idea is really original.

With * Facer *, your watch face will be blank. It can be designed as you like.

With * Facer *, your watch face will be blank. It can be designed as you like.

Who Facer for?

Facer It was always aimed at becoming an open marketplace. Create a tool that allows non-developers to create watchfaces without writing a single line of code. With a little design sense, you can literally create a watch face in 30 seconds. Most of today’s faces come from indie designers. But quite early on, we partnered with brands like Star Trek, Tetris and Garfield.

What does this mean for the watch design community?

The world of traditional watches has always been very closed. Historically there are groups that have had the privilege of designing watches, most of them from Switzerland and some other parts of the world. Many dreamed of designing their own watches, but they couldn’t. The world of smartwatches and watchfaces has opened up that opportunity.

How do you handle customer feedback for your community? FacerSize?

There is no separate customer support team. I’m part of the customer support team! However, there are about 100 designers in the Watchface community we chat with every day. If something is broken, someone will hear about it.

What is your approach to creating new features?

Something feels cool, so we try to resist the tendency to start building. What feels cool to an engineer is not necessarily what feels cool to a normal user. They are the people for building apps. For new products and features, sit down and write down what it is and come up with evidence of why it succeeds.

Any advice for new developers?

If the product makes sense to you, you probably already have a competitor. Clever people tend to have the same idea. If you are really the first, it is likely that you do not have the right one. So think twice about what makes you really different. It’s easy to say, “Oh, my product will be better,” but you need to find that particular differentiating point. If you’re not sure, think a little more or find another idea.

Download Facer’s Watch Faces from the App Store

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Developer Spotlight: See Faces with Facer-Discovery Developer Spotlight: See Faces with Facer-Discovery

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