Developers can now read Raw Fury’s public contract (without first signing the soul)

Publisher Raw Fury has cut out the ribbon on the new DevResources page. In doing so, we shared a treasure trove of valuable information, including templates for publishing contracts, pitch decks, outsourcing contracts, financial forecasts, and more.

Recently, more and more developers are discussing what to look for, such as when issuing contracts, but finding information about that type of document can be difficult.

Transparency in this regard creates a better industry and allows developers to make more informed decisions when signing public contracts for their games.

In a blog post, Raw Fury states that this is exactly what inspired the team to publish these resources. Doing so also aims to lower the barriers to entry for the gaming industry by providing resources (translated into seven different languages) to developers who have difficulty finding some of this information.

“Knowing what kind of transaction was made was difficult, if not impossible, unless we knew the right people to share that information (widely),” explains the Raw Fury team. “We believe that opening contracts with publishers will level the competition and give developers a better understanding of different trading strategies as they start looking for partnerships.”

“By sharing this knowledge, predatory people and companies fleece developers due to their very lack of knowledge and involve them in bad deals due to ambiguity in legal jargon. Hope it helps you fight the dubious practice of. When you’re in the industry for a while you start listening to horror stories, and this isn’t going to end everything – it’s a step in the right direction. “

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