Developers of Samarost and Botanicula Announce “Psychedelic Horror” Adventure Happy Game • .net

Come to PC and Switch early next year.

Amanita Design-the acclaimed developers behind treatments such as Samorost, Machinarium, and this year’s amazingly dark puzzle game Cricks-announced the latest Switch and PC project, Psychedelic Horror Adventure Happy Games.

Happy Game is the brainchild of artist, animator and designer Jaromír Plachý (formerly Amanita’s whimsical garden adventure Botanicula and last year’s head of the entertaining comedy caper Chuchel), telling the story of a boy trapped in a nightmare. I will.

“Endure three unforgettable nightmares and escape,” Amanita describes the latest off-quilter effort. “Solve deep and disturbing puzzles in a fascinating environment”, “Handle suspicious smiles and pink rabbits”.

Happy Game will release a trailer.

Amanita emphasizes that the Czech alternative band DVA, who provided music to Botanicula and Chuchel, is working on the happy game “Spooky Songs and Screams” and promises that everything will be a dark adventure. Drastically“From the usual family-friendly food.

Happy Game looks like another clever adventure from the reliable Amanita. It will be released on Switch, PC, and Mac in Spring 2021.


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