Devesh Srivastava uses GOQii to lower HbA1c from 6.7 to 5.8

Have you ever suffered from a cold or fever and thought you could manage it? In fact, taking medicine and resting is more likely to relieve the symptoms of a cold or fever. However, when dealing with problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure, trying to manage the problem yourself may not be a good idea. Our player, Devesh Srivastava, has found that personalized health guidance is the best way to go.

Life before joining GOQii

Devesh Srivastava is a 52-year-old investment banker living in the city of Ahmedabad. He has always been keen to participate in app-based fitness solutions. In 2014, he heard our founder and CEO Vishal Gondal speak at the event.He saysWhat he said connected well with me and I was looking forward to joining something like GOQii, but that never happened“.

He lived a normal daily life, but wanted someone to look over him and lead him to a healthy lifestyle.He saysBefore the pandemic, things were manageable, but during the pandemic you were at home all the time, so the situation was difficult. I used to walk with my friends and colleagues, but after that everything stopped during the blockade.I didn’t have a proper routine, and it caused weight problems“.

During this time, Devesh Srivastava tried to create his own regime and restricted his diet to lose weight. “”I have seen others lose weight by doing their own thing. So I decided to try it too.But my sugar level wasn’t decreasing“He said. He was also taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Participate in GOQii and change your lifestyle

After trial and error trying to manage his own health, Devesh Srivastava said he needed someone to monitor and properly guide his health. So he decided to join GOQii’s Personalized Health Coaching in November 2021.

“”The coach’s guidance worked for me.She made simple and viable changes“He says. Some of these changes are:

  • Soaked Métis seeds in the morning
  • Increase the salad portion before lunch and consume the fruit as a snack during the meal
  • Eat healthy evening snacks such as dried fruits, fruits and roasted snacks.
  • Eat an early dinner
  • Reduce carbs from dinner and replace with fiber and protein
  • Drink green tea in the evening
  • Start your day with Surya Namaskar
  • Gradually increase the number of steps

Apart from the above changes, his GOQii coach carefully monitored his food consumption, fluid intake, sleep, and exercise and made timely corrections according to his requirements.

What changes has Devesh Srivastava experienced?

Within four months, Devesh may experience a change in his health. As his journey continued, he was able to lose about 7 kg within 7 months. He went from 80kg to 74.6kg. His waist size has been reduced from 36 inches to 34 inches.

In his current report, he found that blood sugar and cholesterol levels were low. “Coaching made me feel better,” he says. “”My stress level is better managed.I can sleep well for at least 6.5 hours every day“He added.

What does Sarksy Agarwal say about the players?

He was overweight when he boarded. He is 170 cm tall and weighs 80 kg. His waist size was 36 inches and his BMI was 27.7. He was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. His triglyceride was also as high as about 180.

Fortunately, Devesh Srivastava was a very sincere player and was always keen to tackle all the challenges I posed to him. He did his best to complete them. Within four months he made remarkable progress.

Apart from reducing his weight and waist size, his blood sugar and cholesterol levels also decreased. His HbA1c decreased from 6.7 to 5.8. His triglyceride levels decreased from 180 to 148. His blood pressure decreased from 97fbs–135pp to 85fbs–119pp.

He is very pleased with these changes and appreciates his positive reaction to my suggestions and his devoted approach to improving his lifestyle.

Is there something similar to Devesh Srivastava? You too can make positive lifestyle changes with the right guidance and motivation from certified professionals. Participate in the GOQii Diabetes Care Program – India’s Only Diabetes Program Smart science When Personal coaching Improve fasting blood glucose (FBS), postprandial blood glucose (PP), lower HbA1c levels and earn gold! You can subscribe here:

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