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Devin Booker gives Phoenix Suns a multi-number check, a rapper writes lyrics about him, and wears an Olympic gold medal around his neck. Recall that he is only 25 years old and all those achievements are much more impressive.

But he still wants more, and in doing so, he has sought proper mentorship from the greatest NBA ever, despite being from a rival team.

According to Brett Knight Forbes Recent Articles, Sands shooting guards are very active outside the courtroom and are learning about investment strategies by meeting five NBA champions. Magic Johnson..

Booker wants to avoid going bankrupt after ending his career, being considered a “ridiculous joke,” and over the past few years, his money has been given to various start-ups such as coconut water sports drink companies and global ambassadors. Invested. A food-oriented hotel aimed at attracting athletes visiting Phoenix.

But before doing so, he connected with businessman Jim Reynolds. Jim Reynolds is the father of an old AAU teammate and CEO of Loop Capital, a Chicago investment banking company. Reynolds then contacted Booker with Johnson. Johnson helped “rebuild the philosophy” of investment strategy.

According to Johnson, Booker was the “sponge” during the meeting. After sharing the story of the Lakers legend that he mistakenly chose a deal with Converse over the opportunity to buy Nike stock, he told Booker that buying equity is the only way to earn “real wealth.” It reminded me that it was a method.

Less than three years ago, Johnson and Booker stood against each other. Rivals by distinguishing teams.. Book went to Phoenix and enjoyed his fourth season at the NBA, while Johnson was Lakers’ general manager and helped the team attract LeBron James.

But outside the realm of basketball, this collaboration between Sands and the Lakers, based on Johnson’s enthusiasm to help Booker, is interesting and like a “feeling good” story. With Johnson in Booker’s ears, Reynolds sees his bright future. One day he even foresaw joining a millionaire club.

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Devin Booker led by business venture Los Angeles Lakers Legend Devin Booker led by business venture Los Angeles Lakers Legend

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