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DHL orders 12 electric freighters

E-commerce provided a lifeline for both consumers and retailers during the pandemic blockade, but the resulting courier explosion had unfortunate side effects: increased pollution.

DHL Express now states that emissions can be reduced by using electric freighters instead of fossil fuel-burning jets.society Recently announced that it has ordered 12 battery-powered Alice freighters. The first delivery is scheduled for 2024 from Arlington, a Washington-based aircraft manufacturer, Eviation.

A German parcel delivery giant says it plans to deploy Alice planes on the Express Network feeder route. With a 30-minute recharge time, the plane can be easily “refueled” while the loading and unloading operations are taking place, ensuring the quick turnaround time needed to maintain the tight schedule of DHL Express. To do. The company said in the release. The new aircraft will be operational on the Southeastern and West Coast of the United States.

According to DHL, each Alice aircraft can fly one pilot and carry 2,600 pounds of cargo over a maximum range of 440 nautical miles. The company adds that while electric planes operate in all environments currently used by standard piston and turbine aircraft, the small number of moving parts in the electric motor can reduce maintenance costs.

DHL orders 12 electric freighters DHL orders 12 electric freighters

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