Diablo 2: Resurrected doesn’t support all mods, but they need to be easier

Diablo 2: I already knew that Resurrected supports mods, but developers say that only certain types are supported. Changing the data in an RPG game may actually be easier, but there are no changes to the code.

In a post-publication interview from BlizzConline, lead producer Chris Lena said Blizzard appreciates how the mods community helped keep Diablo 2 alive, but how Resurrected supports it. I had to make some choices about what to do. “In the past there were mods that inject code directly into the game, but they’re the kind we can’t support,” he said. “But all other mods-those that use data, and such-we love to see them.”

On the bright side, the way Resurrected is built makes modifying the data a bit easier and easier to implement. “As we progressed through the game, we switched a lot of things that were previously hard-coded into the data,” explains Lena. “So, about that [data] On the modding side, more are available and should be easier to access. “

Mods are essential to Diablo 2’s lifespan and are currently being rebuilt by some fans in the hope that Blizzard will recreate it as if it didn’t stop working. Twenty years later, fans can choose how to celebrate and enjoy classic fantasy games.

Diablo 2: Resurrected will be available this year. There will be a single-player alpha version first, followed by multiplayer testing. You can register now. You can read this complete interview here.

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