Diablo 2: Resurrected has some boot issues

Not surprising to anyone trying to play Diablo III on the release date, Diablo 2: Resurrected has some technical issues now that the release date has arrived.Players are reporting login problems RPG game, In some cases it was launched, but I found that it didn’t appear in the menu after the new character returned.

If you look through Diablo 2: Resurrection Bug / Error Mega Thread There are many complaints about not being able to log in with subreddit, but the most common is that the character created in the previous session is “wipe” and does not appear in the game menu.

However, these characters do not seem to be lost. At least not in all cases. Some redditors They logged in again and said the characters were back, but some reports reported that they lost some experience level progress when they returned-of course, if they could.

Blizzard states that it is actively working on this issue. “We are currently investigating an issue where some players are unable to see existing characters or create new ones,” said a tweet posted to Blizzard’s official customer service account.

“For reference, we’re investigating non-problematic characters,” wrote Adam Fletcher, Diablo’s Global Community Development Leader.

These launch issues can be frustrating, but it’s clear that the character hasn’t been wiped or removed, despite its initial appearance. And Blizzard may eventually resolve these hiccups.

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