Diablo II: Resurrected will allow you to import old saves

I know many people are excited about the possibility of importing characters decades ago into Diablo II: Resurrection When it goes on sale later this year. We also know that many people are likely to enjoy a fresh start.

Upon arriving on both the console and the PC later this year, Blizzard’s remastering will bring the old saves to work. “Yes! Keep your old save files,” said game producer Matthew Cederquist. Diablo II: Resurrection, Talk to ME. “When we were working [the remaster]I was wondering if the old save file would work, so I pushed it in and it worked. Yes, the local single player save file will be carried over. “

Please note that this only works for those who own the original game on their PC. If you’re playing on an Xbox One, PS4, or Switch, don’t expect this to work. But since the game never started on the console (Duh.) But it has evolved across generations and, more importantly, it gives fans a shared hiding place that fans have forever wanted.

I’d like to know if I can import the save and then move the copy to Switch. And hopefully this remaster will consume my life again. I said goodbye many years ago, but when I thought I was out, they pulled me back, so it all seemed useless.


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