Diablo II Unique Build: Revival

I think many people have seen the most popular library guides now. Diablo II: Resurrection Build such as Cold Skill Sorceress Also Blessed Hammer Paladin.. You can probably equip both of these characters with similar items and still get the most out of them. Gear like HotO (Oak heart), Harlequin Crest Shako, And other “mage” or “caster” ensembles are great, but they are so versatile and popular that the value of these items is higher than ever. However, when considering whether to create one of these characters, there are additional factors besides cost … boring and quick.

Today I would like to see some unique builds to use Rune word Enables skills in different classes of characters. Not only is there a lot of fun, but there are also some unique builds to create that are fully executable. This is recommended only when most traditional builds are finished. This is because it is more efficient in terms of pure value.However, if you want to be creative or feel like a mee build, this guide will help.

Bear sorcerer

This build utilizes something less popular than ever Enchantment skill. Please note, this build can be very expensive as it utilizes some heavy rune words to make it effective. Let’s break down the runewords needed for this build.

beast – BER TIR UM MAL LUM, you will soon find this to be an expensive piece of equipment. This is a core item in the build, allowing all classes using this weapon to use the Werebear skill, and all classes can be cute bears, or barbaric and muscular cousins.

dream – Another groundbreaking item that mixes IO JAH PUL and JAH. This is an item that greatly enhances the effectiveness of this build as it works well with the Sorceress Lightning Mastery. The reason it works is due to the level 15 Holy Shock Aura that comes with the Rune Ward. Holy Shock Aura adds lightning damage to your character’s attacks while dealing lightning damage to nearby enemies. A full investment in LightingMastery can do even more lightning damage.


There is a clear path in the skill tree that you need to invest in. Anything that damages the attack. Fire and lightning elements are added to the attacks from your equipment and the natural boosts you get from your enchantments.

Enchantment-This is the main damage booster used by Bare Sorceress. Each time the bear’s arm swings towards the monster, it deals heavy damage.

Fire Mastery – This is not surprising as this will significantly increase the additional fire damage from the enchantment.

Lightning Mastery-This has the same effect as Fire Mastery, but boosts damage from Holy Shock from Dream Rune Ward.

Warmth-Mana recovery isn’t really necessary, but it’s a synergistic skill for enchantments, giving a whopping 9% boost per point. The synergistic effect makes it easy to reach up to 200% more fire damage.

Additional tips

For the rest of the builds, you can focus on items that give + bonuses to your Fire or Enchantment that Ormus’Robes It gives enchantments +3 skills (which is much cheaper to buy compared to Ormus robes that give +3 skills to other popular skills like Blizzard). You may also be able to find a circlet with a fire skill of +3. The rainbow facet, the element of fire, also significantly increases the damage of each bear’s swing.

This build sounds like junk, but if fully built and equipped, you can kill some of the strongest bosses in the following places after properly raising the enchantment level: Build Ubert Restram..

Whirlwind assassin

Yes, it’s an assassin character who spins and shreds Moo Moo Farm Hell Bovines with his claws. This build isn’t as memorable as the Bear Sorceress build, but it’s still fun.

Runeword that enables this build Khao Rune Ward At FAL OHMUM. It’s not as expensive as Beast or Dream, but it’s also expensive in combination with OHM. It is only available with 3-socket claws and not with other melee weapons. The assassin is the only other class other than the barbarians who can spin it to win it.It also has a shooting bonus ability Frozen orb When Charging bolt About 10% of the time you are hitting makes playing even more aesthetic.

This is probably the first non-traditional build I’ll make, as it looks like fireworks when shredding a group of monsters.The only drawback may be that the claws do not reach as long as the sword or other traditional methods. Barbarian It’s a weapon and may not be very effective, but when creating a build like this, it’s all about memes and better than a death wheel that fires lightning bolts.


Assassin Trees have several skills that can help significantly increase whirlwind damage. We recommend that you take full advantage of the following skills in this build:

Claw Mastery – This is, of course, a must, as it increases the attack power, damage, and critical strikes of attacks using claws.

Fade – As many people don’t know, there is a hidden factor of 1% reduction in physical damage per point. Resistance boost is a bonus.

Venom – Adds poison damage to increase whirlwind damage.

Shadow Master – This skill helps you control and tank your crowd. It goes without saying that Shadow Clone will do its own damage and reach out to help.

Additional tips

Some other gear to consider Tranall claws (Gloves) Adds bonus damage to the poison applied by the poison.

Of course, poison damage charms are also very helpful.

Verdungo’s will be the go-to belt for the String of Ears because they like to feel a little tanky before jumping into the Hell Bovines group.

Raven Frost is a very good addition at a low cost that can further increase your attack power. Raven Frost also prevents it from freezing during rotation.

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