Diablo Immortal Closed Beta Released Today

Earlier this year, the Diablo Immortal team ran a detailed closed alpha test. In this test, a great community provided invaluable feedback on all features and systems. Since then, the team has been working hard to implement that feedback and add exciting new updates to the game. Blizzard has announced that the next testing phase, Diablo Immortal Closed Beta, is about to begin.

Similar to the previous Diablo Immortal public test, the closed beta is only available on Android and in some areas where a limited number of players can participate. Lucky adventurers invited to the beta will soon receive a notification from Google Play detailing how to log in and jump to action. A closed beta server will open in Canada from 5 pm Pacific time. In Canada, local players can test Diablo Immortal for the first time. The same is true in Australia. In the coming weeks, we will also open servers in South Korea, Japan and China to make test builds of the game available in the local language.

Diablo Immortal Closed Beta features a ton of updates and new content, including:

  • New playable class – Necromancer. Revive the corpse and create an army of the dead, cursing and plagueing enemies in the sanctuary.
  • PvP and PvE updates. The Cycle of Strife, the game’s popular faction-based PvP & PvE system, is powered by a 30×1 battle called the Challenge of the Immortal. A ladder has been added to the 8v8 Battleground PvP system. A new end game gear system, set items, has been introduced. Players will be able to challenge the Helliquary Raid Boss with up to 8 players. more!
  • Auxiliary control device. Players can experience a preview of Diablo Immortal’s controller support.
  • Optional in-game purchase.. The closed beta enables optional in-game purchases to get valuable feedback from the community and test features. At the end of the closed beta, all player progress will be erased, all purchases will be converted to equivalent in-game credits and will be available at Diablo Immortal at launch.

Having tested some end-game features, Diablo Immortal Closed Beta runs for weeks to give players enough time to dig deeper into them. The exact end date of the closed beta will be announced later.

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Diablo Immortal Closed Beta launches today

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