Diablo IV developers give an overview of weapon types, legendary affixes, uniques and more

TThis quarter’s Diablo 4 developer update is the last update of the year and this time we’re focusing on itemization. This includes different types of weapons, legendary affixes, uniques and more.

Diablo IV developers give an overview of weapon types, legendary affixes, uniques and more

One of the updates since the last quarterly Diablo IV coverage from Blizzard is that players can redesignate their skills indefinitely, which costs more as the character grows. By the endgame, respec will be more costly, Build It has a heavier meaning.

Primary stats – class bonus effect

Diablo 4 Includes some classic RPG elements to enhance the fantasy of the game.This example is BarbarianEach time you level up, you gain strength, intelligence, agility, and willpower. Strength statistics are especially important for barbarians and match both complementary skills and attributes.

Of course, you can use items to help make up for your lack of stats, but your stats are highly dependent on where you spend your skill points.

each class Skill trees have additional effects when certain primary stats thresholds are met, and skill points can be used to obtain baseline effects for these nodes. When unlocked, you will get the corresponding sufficient primary status and the bonus effect will be activated.

Weapon Type – Weapon Speed

Each is different weapon Different types, one addition Blizz has added is to include the weapon speed in the weapon information. The example given is the case of the Wand Conjugation Omen, which has a “very fast weapon” speed, while staff like the arcane hug has a “slow weapon” speed. One-handed weapons have a faster attack speed, but two-handed weapons do more damage.

Weapons also have physical properties. The example given is for a shield, which has a block value and can also be given a magical affix. Physical properties are the same for each weapon type and cannot be changed.

Item Quality – Increased Affixes and Random Legendary Affixes / Unique

One of the major changes in Diablo 4 is the quality of the items. Blizzard enhances the potential power of individual affixes for magic items. In endgames, the maximum number of affixes for rare and good items is increased. Legendary affixes are now randomly rolled in LegendaryItems. Myth replacement is a unique item. The legendary rolls a random legendary affix, so you don’t completely ignore other rarities. Items of different rarities may retain better affixes or may be better suited to build.

Legendary affix

The post describes a legendary item as a rare item, but one affix has been replaced with a legendary effect. These affixes work like regular affixes and rotate randomly. Many are not class-specific, but some are unique to that class. Also, it is not specific to a particular slot.


Unique has a fixed affix, follows a particular theme, has class-specific powers, and has a unique look.

The myth comes from Diablo 4 due to the fact that developers do not want players to completely ignore items of different qualities. This means that you can gain random legendary powers on your items.

If you miss it, you can catch up with previous Diablo IV developer updates that focus on things like skill trees and talent.

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